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Sakuu launches new Cypress Li-metal battery cell chemistry for manufacturing licensing

Solid-state battery pioneer Sakuu has launched a new Li-metal cell chemistry called Cypress. The new technology, which Sakuu says delivers safer batteries with high energy and power densities, is now available for manufacturing licensing. “Our proprietary lithium-metal battery chemistry delivers key cell performance and safety attributes that enable a new paradigm in battery manufacturing and… Read more »

Liacon launches new 12 V  lithium iron phosphate battery

German battery manufacturer Liacon has released its new Group 31 lithium iron phosphate (LFP) 12.8 V, 150 Ah battery.  Liacon’s LFP battery is designed to replace Group 31 lead-acid batteries for deep-cycle applications such as renewable energy storage, recreational vehicles and marine, according to the company. With 1,000 cranking amps, it can also start diesel… Read more »

LithTech launches novel raw material extraction technology for lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper and graphite

LithTech, an Australian firm, has announced its 2023 capital raising drive to enhance its magnesium separation process, which increases the brine extraction of essential raw elements, including nickel, lithium, cobalt, copper and natural graphite, used in EV batteries. After lab-scale testing, the Dow Centre at the University of Queensland has provided financial and technical support,… Read more »

Altilium Metals produces cathode active materials from recycled EV batteries

UK-based tech group Altilium Metals has produced cathode active materials (CAMs) recovered from end-of-life EV battery scrap. The first samples have been delivered to Imperial College London, where the materials will be analyzed under a joint research program partly funded by the UK government’s Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) through its Automotive Transformation Fund. Under the… Read more »

GM leads $50-million funding round in EnergyX to develop US lithium supply

GM’s investment arm GM Ventures is leading a $50-million Series B financing round in Energy Exploration Technologies (EnergyX) and will develop the company’s lithium extraction and refinery technology.  EnergyX’s direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology can make lithium metal directly from brine, potentially in anode-ready form for EV batteries—enabling cost-effective and sustainable lithium recovery. This could… Read more »

IBC demonstrates high-yield lithium extraction from Chilean brine

IBC, a manufacturer and supplier of metal separation products, has demonstrated high efficiency in the initial Phase 1 operation of its Direct Lithium to Product (DLP) pilot plant in Salar de Maricunga, Chile. SIMCO Lithium, a 55-45% joint venture (JV) between Grupo Errazuriz and Taiwanese Simbalik Group, and Japanese business Chori are supporting the pilot… Read more »

Sakuu and Livent develop printable lithium formulation for 3D printed batteries

Solid-state battery pioneer Sakuu has announced promising results from its ongoing testing of a novel printable lithium formulation from Livent for use in Sakuu’s 3D printed batteries. Livent’s LIOVIX platform includes applications for pre-lithiation and lithium metal anode manufacturing. In February, Sakuu announced successful 3D printing of patterned cells that used Livent’s LIOVIX printable lithium… Read more »

Altilium Metals accelerates development of planned EV battery recycling facility

UK-based Altilium Metals plans to step up development of its future EV battery recycling plant, following a six-month feasibility study funded in part by the UK government’s Automotive Transformation Fund and the successful demonstration of the company’s technology at its new analytical laboratory in Devon. According to Altilium, the study, conducted in collaboration with Hatch… Read more »

ABTC describes huge lithium deposits at its Tonopah Flats property in Nevada

American Battery Technology Company (ABTC) has identified what it calls “one of the largest known lithium deposits in the United States” at its Tonopah Flats Lithium Project in Big Smoky Valley, Nevada. The ABTC Tonopah Flats Lithium Project encompasses 517 unpatented lode claims covering approximately 10,340 acres. ABTC began surface sampling of these claims in 2021,… Read more »

Aqua Metals recovers high-purity nickel from battery black mass

Battery recycling innovator Aqua Metals says it has successfully recovered high-purity nickel from lithium battery black mass, using its proprietary Li AquaRefining process. Aqua also recently announced the recovery of high-purity lithium hydroxide and copper from black mass at its pilot facility located in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. Aqua’s Li AquaRefining technology recovers nickel and… Read more »