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Honda and Saitec develop magnesium ion battery with vanadium oxide cathode

The Saitama Industrial Technology Center (Saitec), in partnership with Honda, has developed a practical magnesium-ion rechargeable battery, according to Nikkei Asian Review. The two will officially announce their battery next month, and hope to commercialize it by 2018, at first in smartphones and other portable devices. Masashi Inamoto and colleagues describe the new battery in… Read more »

Rare earth element-free motor debuts in Honda Freed

Honda was an early electrification innovator, but the disappointing career of its Insight Hybrid apparently killed the company’s interest in electrons. However, there are signs of a turnaround – the hybrid version of Honda’s Odyssey minivan, launched in Japan in February, now accounts for 70% of Odyssey sales. Now Nikkei Asian Review reports that Honda… Read more »

Honda and Daido Steel develop rare-earth-free neodymium magnet

Daido Steel and Honda have collaborated to develop a hot deformed neodymium magnet that contains no heavy rare earth elements, but still delivers the high heat resistance and high magnetic performance required for a hybrid vehicle motor. Neodymium magnets are prized for use in electrified vehicle motors, as they have the highest magnetic force of… Read more »

Honda and GM to collaborate on PHEVs

The Yomiuri Shimbun reports that Honda and General Motors, which are jointly developing fuel cell vehicles, aim to expand their cooperation to include plug-in hybrids. The two automakers may consider jointly manufacturing PHEVs and FCVs, and also plan to work together to develop autonomous driving technology. According to the YS, Honda aims to benefit from… Read more »

Honda EV parks and charges by itself

Honda is working on an EV that incorporates autonomous parking and wireless charging. The experimental vehicle, which is undergoing testing at a demonstration house outside Tokyo, can drive itself into a carport and position itself over a wireless charging pad. The human driver uses a smartphone to tell the car to park and initiate charging…. Read more »

Smart Home charges Honda Fit EV with DC power from solar panels

Honda’s new Smart Home US, located on the West Village campus of the University of California, Davis, is a showcase for technologies that enable zero net energy living and transportation, including Honda’s home energy management system (HEMS), a hardware and software system that monitors and optimizes electrical generation and consumption. The Smart Home is capable… Read more »

Honda joins V2G demo project

Honda has joined a demonstration project for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology aimed at providing energy storage to the electrical grid while providing a financial incentive to EV drivers. Partners in the ev2g project include: the University of Delaware; NRG Energy; BMW, which is providing 15 MINI Es; Milbank Manufacturing, which is providing charging stations based on… Read more »

Waiting lists lengthen for Fit EV as Honda includes Leviton home charging station with lease

A better lease deal and more availability seem to have led to a surge in demand for the Fit EV, and dealers may not be able to keep up. The electric hatchback can now be leased for $259, with no limit on annual mileage, and it’s available at every Honda dealer in eight states (California,… Read more »