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ARPA-E issues $100-million funding opportunity for early-stage energy R&D

The DOE has announced up to $100 million in funding for new projects as part of ARPA‑E’s latest OPEN funding opportunity (DE-FOA-0001858). Areas of research covered by this FOA include all aspects of transportation, including electrification and energy efficiency. Under the Transportation Technical Category, subcategories include: electric motors; fuel cells; alternative vehicle designs such as… Read more »

California Energy Commission awards $36 million for clean transportation projects

The California Energy Commission has awarded more than $36 million in grants for various clean energy transportation projects. The South Coast Air Quality Management District and Long Beach Harbor Department received $10 million each and the Los Angeles Harbor Department received $4.5 million to conduct field demonstrations of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and cargo handling… Read more »

DOE solicits proposals to bring advanced energy technologies to market

The DOE’s Office of Technology Transitions has issued a solicitation for proposals that help bring advanced energy technologies to market. The office’s Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF) has $20 million in new funding available. Proposals solicited from all 17 of DOE’s national laboratories will be submitted for review this spring, and TCF will match 50% funding… Read more »

ZeroTruck builds electric medium-duty trucks under California Energy Commission Grant

ZeroTruck has announced that it is finalizing assembly of several fully electric medium-duty trucks built under a California Energy Commission Grant. ZeroTruck’s proprietary Electric Drive Integration System (EDIS) converts class 3-5 trucks to run on electric power. Based on the popular medium-duty Isuzu truck, ZeroTruck has a highway speed of 70 mph, and up to… Read more »

DOE awards $17 million to small businesses for renewable energy and electromobility projects

The DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has awarded $17 million in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) projects to help small businesses develop prototype technologies in a wide range of renewable energy and transportation-related fields. These awards are for Phase II SBIR projects to further develop Phase I projects and produce a… Read more »

Energy 376 Corridor to include 45 public chargers in greater Pittsburgh area

As Pennsylvania electric utility CONSOL Energy unveiled an EV charging station at the company’s headquarters in Canonsburg, PA, it added a touch of 4th-of-July American showmanship, billing the event as the “Declaration of Energy Independence.” The Eaton Level II charging station is one of 45 units that will be installed in the greater Pittsburgh area… Read more »

Rich Byczek on delayed battery overheating and stranded energy

(This article originally appeared in Charged Issue 6 – JAN/FEB 2013) EV standards gaps: Intertek’s Rich Byczek on two of the biggest safety concerns centered around batteries. The EV industry is young and evolving quickly – too quickly, in some cases, for the standards community to keep up.  The competing charging standards provide the most obvious example. There are… Read more »

Austin Energy gets $500,000 to promote plug-in vehicles in Central Texas

Deep in the heart of a state that’s famous for petroleum and pickup trucks, Austin Energy, the electric utility that serves the capital city, is a leader in promoting electric vehicles. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded the company an additional $500,000 to encourage plug-in vehicle adoption in Central Texas. Austin Energy has… Read more »