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California transit authority goes 100% electric with order for 85 BYD electric buses

The Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA), which serves some 450,000 residents in the northern Los Angeles metro region, says it has taken a step toward becoming the first 100% electric public transit fleet in the country, ordering up to 85 BYD electric buses over a five-year period. BYD will deliver a variety of e-bus models,… Read more »

Smart City Challenge draws applications from 77 US cities

The Smart City Challenge is a competition organized by the DOT to encourage cities to develop plans for a 21st-century intelligent transportation system, including such innovations as data-driven management platforms, electric and automated vehicles, and the sharing economy. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has announced that 77 cities have submitted applications for the Smart City Challenge,… Read more »

DOT offers $22.5 million in grants for “Low or No Emission” buses

The DOT is offering $22.5 million in grants in the latest round of its Low or No Emission Vehicle Deployment Program (LoNo). Funds will be awarded on a competitive basis to transit agencies and state transportation departments working either independently or jointly with bus manufacturers. The LoNo program is focused on deploying new low- or… Read more »

Voltabox inaugurates battery pack assembly line in Austin, Texas

Oil and barbecue ain’t the only sources of energy in Texas. Since a 1996 breakthrough at the University of Texas, Austin has been something of a center for rechargeable battery technology. One of the many companies in the area is Voltabox, a subsidiary of German automotive supplier paragon AG, which chose Austin for its US… Read more »

UQM Technologies grows from pioneer to power player in vehicle electrification

With its integrated electric propulsion systems spreading across the globe in all conceivable vehicle types, UQM Technologies could be called the biggest little company in the EV industry. Over the past few years, the company seems to have entered its prime, as in one of those TV commercials where a deep, authoritative voice tell us… Read more »

California Energy Commission awards $9 million in grants for commercial EV manufacturing

The California Energy Commission has awarded nearly $9 million in grants to three companies to encourage the manufacturing of heavy-duty EVs and components in the state. Proterra received a $3 million grant to develop a manufacturing line for battery-electric transit buses in the City of Industry in the San Gabriel Valley. The location is in… Read more »

Foothill Transit inaugurates fully electric bus line

As cities around the world test electric buses, Foothill Transit – a public transportation provider in Los Angeles County, California – will start regular service on a fully electric bus line this week. Four years ago, Foothill Transit became the first public transit agency to put fast-charging electric buses into service.  It now has a… Read more »

Electric buses begin to take over the public transit world

The humble city bus is quietly (also smoothly and emissions-free) going electric. In the past couple of months alone, Chicago, Washington DC, Portland, Oregon and London have begun trials of battery-electric buses, and the Chinese city of Hangzhou has placed an order for 2,000. China’s BYD is building buses in California and planning a factory… Read more »

ABB and Volvo form partnership for bus fast charging

Swiss power and automation group ABB has announced a partnership with Volvo Buses to co-develop and commercialize electric and hybrid buses with open standards-based DC fast charging systems. The partners will develop a standardized system that can charge electric and hybrid buses quickly through an automatic roof-top connection system at bus stops, or through cabled… Read more »