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Fujitsu introduces compact PCB relay for medium-to-heavy automotive loads

Fujitsu has expanded its automotive relay offering with a new 12 VDC PCB relay featuring a switching capacity of 50 A at 14 VDC. The FBR53-HC offers a higher contact rating than its 40-amp FBR53-HW counterpart, yet occupies the same 12.1 x 15.5 x 13.7 mm footprint, and weighs the same 6 grams. With a… Read more »

Fujitsu’s new high-capacity power relay features arc extinguishing plate

Fujitsu has launched the FTR-E3 series, a 150-A power relay that offers a minimum mechanical life of 300,000 operations and minimum electric life of 30,000 operations. The new automotive-grade relay is intended for use in EV battery-junction boxes, fast chargers, solar and industrial inverters, and the DC line of energy storage systems. Measuring 45 mm… Read more »

Fujitsu’s new power relay for on-board EV chargers

Fujitsu has launched the FTR-K5, a 6.6 kW relay for on-board EV battery chargers. The FTR-K5 is a 1 Form A printed circuit board relay. It features a 105º C temperature rating and 8 mm insulation distance between coil and contact. The FTR-K5 also features a 5,000 VAC withstand voltage between coil and contact and… Read more »

FDK and Fujitsu develop novel cathode material for solid-state batteries

FDK and Fujitsu Laboratories have jointly developed lithium cobalt pyrophosphate (Li2CoP2O7) as a cathode material for solid-state lithium-ion batteries. The new material can operate at charge/discharge voltages of more than 5 V, which is beyond the limits of current lithium batteries. The energy of a battery is a function of its voltage and capacity, so an… Read more »

Fujitsu and RESC collaborate on battery swapping information system

The future of battery swapping technology in general is far from clear, but it seems to be well suited to the needs of electric scooters. Fujitsu and venture start-up RESC Ltd. have announced that they will collaborate in developing a system that uses Fujitsu’s cloud service to manage the cassette-type secondary batteries used in RESC’s… Read more »

Hexagon adopts Fugaku supercomputer for aircraft and EV simulations

Hexagon has adopted the Fugaku supercomputer to run complex CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations. The company’s Manufacturing Intelligence division is using the supercomputer to explore the performance of next-generation aircraft and EVs.  Hexagon says its Cradle CFD customers will have the opportunity to tap into the ARM-based Fugaku computer architecture to perform complex simulations, such… Read more »