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Yamaha Motor to acquire electric marine propulsion manufacturer Torqeedo

Yamaha Motor has announced plans to acquire marine electric propulsion manufacturer Torqeedo. Torqeedo offers a wide-ranging line of products, from electric outboard and inboard motors for small boats to battery packs and other drivetrain components for larger vessels such as yachts and ferries. The company holds many patents related to electric motors, propellers and electrical… Read more »

Torqeedo powers electric passenger ferry in Thailand

The Bangkok Metropolitan Authority recently placed an electric commuter ferry into service, with an electric drive system from Torqeedo. Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha attended the launch ceremony, traveling by skytrain, subway and foot through Bangkok’s crowded streets before ending his mixed-mode commute with a trip aboard the emission-free passenger ferry. The 47.5-ft fiberglass vessel… Read more »

Torqeedo introduces adapted BMW i3 battery for marine use, range extender, fixed pod motor

Marine motor manufacturer Torqeedo will introduce three new products for electric mobility on the water at the upcoming Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida and Miami International Boat Show. Torqeedo has adapted BMW’s i3 battery to work with its 40 or 80 hp Deep Blue outboard motors. The prismatic cell design provides efficient cooling… Read more »

Torqeedo’s new Cruise 10.0 R electric outboard motor

Marine propulsion specialist Torqeedo has introduced the most powerful member of its Cruise line of electric outboard motors. The Cruise 10.0 R is intended to fill the gap between the company’s smaller Ultralight and Travel outboards and its larger Deep Blue high-voltage motors. The Cruise 10.0 R operates at 48 volts, and delivers 12 kW… Read more »

Torqeedo’s 20 hp equivalent electric outboard motor

Torqeedo has added a new model to its line of electric marine propulsion systems. The Cruise 10.0 is a 20-horsepower-equivalent, emission-free outboard that can plane light boats at speeds up to 28 mph and move 3-10 ton displacement hulls at up to 9 mph. The Cruise 10.0’s electronically commutated, brushless DC motor provides up to… Read more »

Austrian boat builder installs Torqeedo electric drives in luxury yachts

Austrian boat builder Frauscher Bootswerft has chosen marine motor maker Torqeedo to power its line of luxury electric boats and yachts. Torqeedo’s Deep Blue inboard motor was selected for the new Frauscher 740 Mirage Air, and is available on several of Frauscher’s other models. The two companies have cooperated since 2005. Deep Blue provides input… Read more »

Torqeedo offers inboard version of Deep Blue electric marine drive

Marine motor maker Torqeedo has introduced a shaft-drive version of its 40- and 80-horsepower Deep Blue motor. The Deep Blue inboard electric drive was designed for marine use from the ground up. Its lithium-ion batteries are made in the US by Johnson Controls, and come with a nine-year, 80% capacity warranty. Maximum speed is 18… Read more »

Torqeedo’s Deep Blue Hybrid offers flexible power system for boat propulsion and accessories

Torqeedo, a manufacturer of electric boat motors, has announced its new Deep Blue Hybrid, an integrated system that acts as an energy supply for both a vessel’s hybrid drive and all AC/DC electrical loads on board. This solution allows boat owners to harness solar, wind, plug-in and regenerative power in the system’s high-capacity batteries, keeping… Read more »

Johnson Controls to supply Li-ion batteries for Torqeedo’s electric boat motors

Torqeedo, a German-based maker of electric outboard motors and accessories, will use Johnson Controls’ Li-ion automotive battery packs to power its Deep Blue 80 hp electric boat motor. Johnson modified its PHEV battery, making it waterproof and resistant to salt water, for Torqeedo’s marine application. The battery behemoth will begin production of the new battery… Read more »