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Kyocera Solar Cycle Station enables use of EV batteries for backup power

Kyocera Communication Systems (KCCS) has installed a Solar Cycle Station for EVs at the headquarters of Shintec Hozumi in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The system uses solar-generated power to charge plug-in vehicle batteries, which can then be used as backup power in times of disaster. Kyocera’s Solar Cycle Station is a solar-powered recharging station that uses… Read more »

Nissan offers dual-standard capability in German DC fast charging network

Nissan has partnered with the Berlin-based electrical infrastructure provider Omexom to deploy a network of 100 DC rapid chargers across Germany. Omexom will be the project manager for the network roll-out. Charger locations will include dealers, fleet customers and real estate developments. Similar announcements are common enough these days, as the Japanese automaker aggressively expands… Read more »

Northumberland deploys 20 ABB multi-standard fast chargers

The UK is rapidly rolling out fast charging stations – over 500 to date – thanks in part to funding from the Department for Transport’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). The latest project to be announced is in Northumberland, where the County Council is installing 20 ABB multi-standard, triple-outlet public chargers. The ABB Terra… Read more »

Nissan to lead UK fast charger project

Nissan is getting behind fast charging in a big way. Shortly after unveiling a new incentive program for installers of CHAdeMO-compatible chargers in the US, the Japanese EV-maker has announced that it will help to build a network of rapid chargers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Rapid Charge Network (RCN) will include 74… Read more »

Tesla to offer CHAdeMO fast charging adaptor in the US

Tesla is famous for doing things differently. That’s not just because the company likes to be contrary, but because it often believes it’s found a better way, and that’s certainly the case with the company’s proprietary fast charging standard. Tesla is steadily building its own network of Supercharger DC fast charging stations across the US… Read more »

ABB multi-standard fast charger receives EU safety certification

European electronics giant ABB has received CE marking approval for its 50 kW Terra 53 CCS DC fast charging station. The CE mark demonstrates compliance with all relevant European Union safety regulations. The Terra 53 supports both the CCS and CHAdeMO DC fast charging standards, making it compatible with every EV on European roads, and… Read more »

DC charging standards: CHAdeMO Association responds to the European Commission

Could skillful diplomacy avoid a senseless, destructive war? The CHAdeMO Association fired off a diplomatic salvo to the European Commission this week, expressing its concern over the possibility that CHAdeMO might be phased out in Europe, and its support for dual-standard DC chargers. For those who’ve just tuned in: European automakers have thrown their support… Read more »

VW presents two new electric models at Frankfurt auto show

A “paradigm shift” toward sustainable mobility has begun, according to Volkswagen, and its new e-up! and e-Golf “have the potential to irreversibly charge up the electric car segment.” VW will present two new four-door EVs at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, which takes place September 10-22. The five-seat front-wheel drive e-Golf features an 85… Read more »

New report: DC fast charging poised for exponential growth

DC fast charging is about to take off like a rocket-powered drag racer, according to IHS Automotive (NYSE: IHS). The market analysis firm’s new report predicts that the worldwide number of public fast chargers will grow to 5,900 by the end of 2013, nearly triple to 15,200 in 2014, and explode to almost 200,000 stations… Read more »