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24M Technologies introduces new recycling process for its SemiSolid EV batteries

Massachusetts-based 24M Technologies, an MIT spinout that has a partnership agreement with Volkswagen, has unveiled a new recycling process for its SemiSolid EV batteries. 24M says its new Liforever tech, which is built into the company’s battery manufacturing process, offers a way to recycle battery materials like lithium iron phosphate (LFP) more efficiently and cost-effectively…. Read more »

24M says its new separator tech eliminates dendrites in Li-ion batteries

Battery manufacturing technology provider 24M has unveiled a new battery separator tech called 24M Impervio, which the company says can make EV batteries substantially safer by inhibiting the growth of dendrites (rootlike metal growths that can build up on the anode surface, potentially causing a short-circuit that can lead to a fire). 24M’s Impervio technology… Read more »

24M’s Electrode-to-Pack tech does away with cells and modules

Since the advent of modern EVs, the mantra has been “cell/module/pack.” More recently, some battery makers have started removing modules from the equation with cell-to-pack architectures. Now Massachusetts-based battery developer 24M Technologies wants to eliminate the whole hierarchy. The company calls its Electrode-to-Pack system, which it introduced at the recent Japan Mobility Show, “a streamlined… Read more »

24M receives $3.8 million from USABC for fast charger development

24M has received $3.8 million in funding from the USABC (United States Advanced Battery Consortium). The two-year project, which includes a 50% cost share, is planned to focus on the development of more affordable fast charging EV battery technology. 24M said it will create lithium-metal cells for electric mobility applications that can be charged to… Read more »

Volkswagen Group acquires 25% stake in 24M, will use its SemiSolid battery platform

Volkswagen Group and Cambridge, Massachusetts-based battery developer 24M Technologies have formed a strategic partnership under which VW will manufacture EV batteries using 24M’s SemiSolid platform. VW has acquired a 25% stake in 24M, and will establish a wholly-owned subsidiary that will collaborate with 24M to develop SemiSolid battery cell production technology for automotive applications. “The… Read more »

24M raises $56.8 million to commercialize SemiSolid battery technology

24M has raised $56.8 million in Series E funding to commercialize its SemiSolid manufacturing process and expand its technology development programs for grid storage and EV applications. The company says its SemiSolid electrodes use no binder, mixing electrolyte with active materials to form a clay-like slurry with unique attributes. As a result, the 24M process… Read more »

FREYR and 24M to collaborate on battery cell production

FREYR and 24M have signed an agreement to use 24M’s SemiSolid lithium-ion battery platform technology in FREYR’s planned facilities in Norway. FREYR is targeting a production capacity of over 40 GWh of scalable, modular battery cells via partnership-based strategies in both grid and electric mobility markets. “24M has fundamentally redesigned the traditional LIB cell technology… Read more »

24M surpasses 250 Wh/kg on the road to 400+

Battery company 24M has announced that it has developed commercially viable Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) cells with an energy density above 250 Wh/kg. The company has also delivered similar NMC cells with an energy density above 280 Wh/kg to an industrial partner. 24M’s new NMC cells were built with the company’s SemiSolid lithium-ion battery design,… Read more »

24M unveils Dual Electrolyte System for next-generation cells

Battery company 24M unveiled its Dual Electrolyte System at the International Battery Seminar & Exhibit last month in Florida. According to 24M, the system permits cells with compositionally distinct electrolytes to be manufactured at scale, enabling next-generation cell chemistries. These cells can provide energy densities exceeding 350 Wh/kg as well as improved cycle life and… Read more »

24M raises $21.8 million to accelerate SemiSolid battery development

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based 24M has raised $21.8 million in Series D funding, which it will use to accelerate production of its SemiSolid lithium-ion cells for the EV market. Ceramics manufacturer Kyocera and global trading firm Itochu led the financing round. Previous investors, including North Bridge Venture Partners, also participated. 24M introduced its SemiSolid battery design in… Read more »