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GM insiders explain why Ultium EV production stalled

As the popular narrative has it, GM, Ford et al are walking back on their electrification plans because EV sales have slowed. Seldom mentioned in the headlines is the fact that GM and others have very few EVs for sale at the moment, and have fallen way behind their putative schedules for releasing new models…. Read more »

Pollsters say EV buyers lean Democratic—ownership data tells a different story

Conventional wisdom is that most EV owners are Democrats, and that Republicans shun the newfangled contraptions. A recent poll conducted by The EV Politics Project appeared to confirm this narrative—49 percent of Republican respondents took a negative view of “electric car brands,” and a majority of Republican respondents agreed with the statement: “EVs are for… Read more »

EVs are for everybody—but how to get Republicans to buy them?

Here at Charged, our position has always been that EVs are for everybody, and we’ve watched in disappointment as e-mobility has become a political football. Many others agree, including some red-state policymakers who have supported pro-EV measures in their states. Mike Murphy is a veteran GOP political consultant who has advised John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger,… Read more »

New EV charging network backed by 7 major automakers begins operations in North America

Back in July 2023, a group of seven major automakers announced plans to form a public charging joint venture along the lines of the European consortium Ionity. EV fans welcomed the plan to deploy some 30,000 fast charging stations throughout North America, but we’ve heard very little since. Now the venture has a name: IONNA…. Read more »

EnviroSpark to install and upgrade EV charging stations at 38 HHHunt multifamily properties in the Southeast

Multifamily housing developer HHHunt is working with EV infrastructure provider EnviroSpark to install and upgrade charging stations at 38 apartment properties in the Southeast. EnviroSpark will install Level 2 charging stations at 24 of HHHunt’s existing apartment buildings in Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. The company will also install the equipment… Read more »

California’s diesel ban is on hold. Should fleets still try to comply?

Under pressure from trucking trade groups, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) decided to delay enforcing some of the registration and reporting provisions of its Advanced Clean Fleets regulation, which had been scheduled to take effect at the end of 2023. Under the rule, drayage fleets and other “high-priority” fleets must register any legacy combustion-powered… Read more »

MAN and ABB E-mobility announce R&D cooperation

European vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus has signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with ABB E-mobility to work together even more closely, particularly in the area of R&D. “Cooperation in the area of research and development is rather rare in our industry,” said Thomas Nickels, Senior VP of Engineering at MAN. “Together with ABB E-mobility,… Read more »

Amazon finds utility approvals to be the biggest EV charging infrastructure bottleneck

Many fleets are going electric, but to the best of our knowledge, none are doing so on the same scale as Amazon. The company says it’s now operating some 10,000 of the delivery trucks that it co-developed with Rivian, and it hopes to roll out 100,000 electric trucks by 2030. Building the trucks appears to… Read more »

Research consortium of Altair, JLR and Danecca funded to create a new design process for EVs

Altair, a computational science and AI company, has received funding from the UK government through the Faraday Battery Challenge in collaboration with automotive manufacturer JLR and battery manufacturer Danecca.  The three companies have developed a consortium to develop a new design process for EVs.  The new approach will develop vehicle prototypes using Altair technology. The… Read more »