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Hitachi and Penske launch large-scale electric truck charging pilot in California

Hitachi America, Hitachi Energy, and Penske Truck Leasing have partnered to launch a large-scale electric truck charging pilot in Stockton, California. Hitachi Energy has supplied Penske with its Grid-eMotion Fleet EV charging system. The DC fast charging solution is designed to deliver multi-megawatt-level charging power levels with a compact footprint. Hitachi’s Grid-eMotion charging system in… Read more »

MAN rolls out battery repair centers across Europe

Over the next two years, MAN Truck & Bus, headquartered in Munich, Germany, plans to establish battery repair centers in Italy, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Poland and the UK. Two of the facilities, in Hanover-Laatzen, Germany, and Barcelona, Spain, are already in operation. MAN is ramping up electric truck production as it… Read more »

Lilium orders 120 Star Charge chargers for electric aviation

Munich-headquartered Lilium, developer of an eVTOL jet, has partnered with Singapore-based charging infrastructure producer Star Charge to develop and provide charging systems for the Lilium Jet.  The aircraft went into production in late 2023 following Design Organisation Approval by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). It is expected to enter service in 2026. Lilium… Read more »

EV Connect announces certification of LG chargers for operation on its platform

California-headquartered EV Connect, a provider of EV charging management software, has certified the Level 2 AC charging stations manufactured by South Korea-based LG Electronics to operate on its end-to-end EV Connect Platform and within its charging ecosystem. Earlier this year, LG opened a charger manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, Texas. EV Connect’s Electric Vehicle Charge… Read more »

Daimler Truck announces dealer certification program for EVs

Just like passenger cars, commercial vehicles are traditionally sold through dealerships, and these dealerships must also make investments in new facilities and training in order to sell EVs. Vehicle-makers are establishing certification programs to make sure their dealers are prepared to provide a good experience to their customers as they make the transition to EVs…. Read more »

MP Materials has an ambitious US rare earth supply chain strategy to fuel EV innovation

Q&A with MP Materials’ Matt Sloustcher. There’s much hand-wringing in the press these days about battery raw materials such as lithium, cobalt and nickel. However, save some of your anxiety for rare earth materials. These elements (which are not particularly rare, but seemed so to the scientists who named them back in the 18th century)… Read more »

Layered oxide cathode could make sodium-ion batteries an attractive option for EVs

Researchers at the US Department of Energy (DOE)’s Argonne National Laboratory have invented and patented a new battery cathode material that replaces lithium ions with sodium and could be significantly cheaper. The research team has developed a layered oxide cathode for sodium-ion batteries. A layered sodium nickel-manganese-iron (NMF) oxide cathode efficiently inserts and extracts sodium,… Read more »

GM insiders explain why Ultium EV production stalled

As the popular narrative has it, GM, Ford et al are walking back on their electrification plans because EV sales have slowed. Seldom mentioned in the headlines is the fact that GM and others have very few EVs for sale at the moment, and have fallen way behind their putative schedules for releasing new models…. Read more »

Pollsters say EV buyers lean Democratic—ownership data tells a different story

Conventional wisdom is that most EV owners are Democrats, and that Republicans shun the newfangled contraptions. A recent poll conducted by The EV Politics Project appeared to confirm this narrative—49 percent of Republican respondents took a negative view of “electric car brands,” and a majority of Republican respondents agreed with the statement: “EVs are for… Read more »