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Panasonic to use Sila’s Titan Silicon anode material, which promises higher energy density for EV batteries

Panasonic and battery materials company Sila Nanotechnologies have signed a commercial agreement for Sila’s nano-composite silicon anode, Titan Silicon, which could enable the battery maker to dramatically improve both vehicle range and charging time. Sila’s anode materials, to be produced at the company’s plant in Moses Lake, Washington, will be optimized for Panasonic’s next-generation lithium-ion… Read more »

Epsilon Advanced Materials to build $650-million battery anode manufacturing facility in North Carolina

Epsilon Advanced Materials (EAM), an Indian battery materials manufacturer, will build a $650-million graphite anode manufacturing plant in Brunswick County in North Carolina. The company will start construction in 2024 and begin manufacturing in 2026, achieving full capacity by 2031. The plant will make high-capacity EV battery anodes using green technology. EAM is in talks… Read more »

Will designating China as an “entity of concern” spur the development of US supply chains?

The Buy American provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law have proven controversial in some quarters, but they are integral and necessary components of both programs. EVs require raw materials, many of which are disproportionately extracted and processed in countries that we don’t want to rely on. Thus, any comprehensive program to… Read more »

Researchers shape hard carbon to form high-capacity electrodes for sodium-ion batteries

Researchers from Tokyo University of Science (TUS) are developing high-capacity electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries (NIBs) and potassium-ion batteries (KIBs) to compete with lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). In the study published in Advanced Energy Materials, the researchers reported a new synthesis strategy for nanostructured hard carbon (HC) electrodes. HC lacks a crystalline structure—unlike graphene or diamond—and… Read more »

Ionic MT to produce high-purity nano-silicon powder at new plant in Utah

Ionic Mineral Technologies, a US-based producer of nano-silicon battery anode technology, has announced the grand opening of its new production facility, technical center and headquarters in Provo, Utah. Ionic MT says the new facility will enable it to rapidly expand production of its Ionisil high-purity nano-silicon powder. Ionic says that, when incorporated as a 15%… Read more »

OCSiAl to build graphene nanotube facility in Europe

Luxembourg-based nanotechnology manufacturer OCSiAl has received a construction permit for a nanotube manufacturing plant near Belgrade, Serbia. The 120-ton-per-year nanotube synthesis factory will open in 2024 and ramp up production through 2025. The facility will synthesize nanotubes and make nanotube suspensions for lithium-ion battery makers in Europe, the US and Asia, improving the performance of… Read more »

Indian firm EAM to invest $650 million in North Carolina EV battery manufacturing facility

Epsilon Advanced Materials (EAM), an Indian battery materials company and a subsidiary of Epsilon Carbon, plans to build a $650-million graphite anode manufacturing facility in Brunswick County, North Carolina. The company plans to break ground in 2024 and begin manufacturing in 2026, reaching full capacity by 2031. EAM is already in discussions with local raw… Read more »

Sepion Technologies opens coating facility for lithium-metal EV batteries in North America

Sepion Technologies, a manufacturer of EV batteries, has opened a separator coating facility for lithium-metal batteries for EVs. The renewable-energy-powered building spans 25,000 square feet, increasing Sepion’s separator coating capacity by 1,000-fold and polymer synthesis scale by 100-fold. It also enables the production of up to 10 Ah pouch cells.  Sepion’s separators are designed using… Read more »