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Performance Testing of Adhesive Tapes for EV Battery Application – Why Thermal Conductivity Matters

Thermal interface materials (TIMs) provide a means of improving heat transfer between temperature generating components and cooling hardware. They are an integral part of any thermal management system and can take on a variety of formats depending on the application. Adhesives tapes are one such example that provide both thermal dissipation and structural support for… Read more »

NOVONIX doubles capacity target for US anode material production

NOVONIX, a battery materials and technology company, has provided an update on production from its proprietary continuous-induction furnaces at its Riverside, Tennessee facility. In a recent production campaign, the site’s Generation 3 furnaces produced material met all specifications while also reaching the equipment design throughput targets. Analysis showed that the company’s GX-23 grade synthetic graphite… Read more »

Nio says it’s ready to use semi-solid-state batteries in production EVs

Solid-state batteries promise improved performance and safety compare to current technology, and they may be getting close to commercial deployment. The latest step forward: semi-solid-state batteries may soon appear in production vehicles in China (sigh…where else?). Chinese battery specialist WeLion has delivered its first semi-solid-state battery cells to EV manufacturer Nio, which plans to use… Read more »

Power measurement equipment for the advancement in EV architectures (Webinar)

CSM’s latest innovations for power and efficiency analyses expands on the success of our industry-leading High Voltage Breakout Modules (HV BM). We continue to improve the technology with reductions in packaging space and connection methods. This presentation at the Fall Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, presented by CSM, will cover the advancements of synchronously measuring… Read more »

Laser treatment improves battery performance in Saudi study

Researchers at KAUST, a Saudi Arabian private research university, have used laser pulses to increase MXene’s energy capacity for enhancing next-generation battery anodes. The team, led by Husam N. Alshareef and Ph.D. student Zahra Bayhan, discovered that the chemical change that forms molybdenum oxide within the structure of an alternative electrode material known as MXene… Read more »

Amprius unveils ultra-high-power, high-energy lithium-ion battery for EVs and electric aviation

Amprius Technologies, a battery manufacturer in California, has announced a new ultra-high-power, high-energy lithium-ion battery cell that discharges at 10C and delivers 400 Wh/kg specific energy. The cell is designed to deliver high power output, making it suitable for the electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industries. Amprius aims… Read more »

How the Inflation Reduction Act is creating EV industry jobs in red states

The architects of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) understood that growing the US EV industry will be a Pyrrhic victory if we trade dependence on oil for dependence on raw materials from unpredictable foreign countries—that’s why the laws include strong incentives for automakers to establish domestic supply chains for… Read more »

Enevate teams with Korea’s JR to build a battery electrode manufacturing facility in the US

Korean battery firms are hooking up with US companies to get in on the stateside EV battery gold rush. The latest partnership to be announced is between US-based Enevate and South Korea’s JR Energy Solution (JR ES). JR ES boasts a unique electrode and battery cell foundry model that enables cell manufacturers to produce tailor-made… Read more »

BCA Industries introduces flexible turnkey EV battery recycling systems

Milwaukee-based BCA Industries, a provider of turnkey recycling systems, has formed a division called LithiBatt which is now providing complete battery recycling systems in collaboration with global partners. BCA’s systems offer various processing outcomes that include options for progressively smaller sizes of material shredding, as well as additional processing steps to generate higher-value, battery-grade precursor… Read more »

Group14 begins construction of second US silicon battery materials factory

Battery manufacturer Group14 Technologies has begun the construction of its second commercial-scale Battery Active Materials (BAM-2) factory in Moses Lake, Washington. The 1 million-square-foot campus will manufacture commercial quantities of SCC55, together with the BAM-1 factory in Woodinville, Washington. SCC55 is a stable silicon-carbon composite anode with five times the capacity of graphite, which affords… Read more »