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An inside look at how utilities view EVs: expanding electricity sales without adding new customers

Q&A with the Orlando Utilities Commission’s Peter Westlake. Anyone who would deploy any kind of large-scale EV charging project needs to work closely (and early) with their local electrical utility. This can be a complex undertaking, especially for companies that work in different regions, as there are around 1,600 utilities in the US, subject to… Read more »

East Tennessee Clean Fuels launches workplace charging assistance program for employers

East Tennessee Clean Fuels (ETCF) and industry partners have established a new program to encourage workplace charging, complete with a nifty new acronym. Equitable Mobility Powering Opportunities for Workplace Electrification Readiness (EMPOWER) will provide up to 24 Tennessee workplaces with free technical assistance and consulting to help them install EV chargers. ETCF, which is housed… Read more »

Electric motor impregnation specialist Tecnofirma expands to US with opening of North Carolina facility

Tecnofirma, a maker of impregnation machines for electric motors, has opened a new American branch in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company now has four different global branches, located in the most strategic areas for its market. The Charlotte facility includes a well-equipped laboratory to validate technical cycles based on customer needs, as well as a… Read more »

Bboxx and Spiro team up to finance electric motorcycle sales in Rwanda, Togo and Kenya

Electric motorcycles are in high demand in Africa, thanks to their low running costs, but their high purchase prices relative to legacy ICE bikes make them unaffordable for many potential buyers (of course, this problem is by no means confined to developing countries). Financial services provider Bboxx and electric motorcycle manufacturer Spiro aim to accelerate… Read more »

Clearing the roadblocks to electrification of heavy-duty trucks

Q&A with electric truck expert Rustam Kocher Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles make up a small fraction of the vehicles on the road, but they generate a disproportionate amount of pollution. Therefore, electrifying them is critical to reducing emissions. Furthermore, the case for electric trucks and buses would seem to be an easy one to make…. Read more »

Volvo and University of Minnesota to conduct extreme weather field testing on Volvo VNR electric trucks

Volvo Trucks North America is working with the University of Minnesota (UMN) to conduct extreme weather testing for its Class 8 VNR Electric model to analyze the impact of ambient temperature on a truck’s battery life. UMN has teamed up with Murphy Logistics Solutions to test the trucks in Minnesota in winter temperatures and H-E-B… Read more »

bp invests €7.5 million in Service4Charger

As part of a €10-million Series A funding round, bp ventures has invested €7.5 million in Germany-based EV charging infrastructure service provider Service4Charger. Completing the round with an investment of €2.5 million was Smart Energy Innovationsfonds, an arm of Swiss energy company Energie 360°. Through its staff of in-house-trained electrical engineers, Service4Charger offers EV charging… Read more »

California’s Green Raiteros use EVs to provide free rides to low-income and elderly residents

The benefits of new technology generally flow downward from the top of the income ladder, and lower-income communities tend to be the most affected by pollution and environmental damage. However, in one California town, low-income residents are breathing a little cleaner air and enjoying the benefits of e-mobility, thanks to a local community group called… Read more »