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California Energy Commission approves funding for electromobility projects

The California Energy Commission has approved two major investment plans, one for clean energy research, and one for an annual clean transportation investment plan. The Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program provides funds every year for projects intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs in California. To date, investments total over… Read more »

Renault to introduce bidirectional-capable EV, charger and V2G platform

The Ford F-150 Lightning’s bidirectional charging feature is proving to be a surprise hit with buyers, and Hyundai/Kia has added bidirectional capability to its new models. The latest automaker to go bi is Renault, which has announced that the upcoming R5 will be its first car to come with a bidirectional on-board charger. Mobilize, the… Read more »

How charge management can reduce OpEx and CapEx for EV fleet projects

Q&A with The Mobility House Business Development Manager Sam Hill-Cristol If there’s one topic that everyone in the EV infrastructure field is talking about these days, it’s charge management. As organizations of all sizes electrify their vehicles, they often find that power consumption is a major constraint. Charging stations, especially those that serve large fleets… Read more »

The Three Pillars of a fleet electrification project—don’t forget about charge management

Obviously, any fleet electrification project is going to include vehicles and charging hardware. However, don’t forget another critical part of the equation: a charge management system. For many—or probably, most—fleet operators, power consumption is a major constraint. Charging stations that serve large fleets and/or heavy-duty vehicles suck up vast amounts of power. Using charge management… Read more »

Typical peak charging power demands of large EV fleet projects

Fleet operators looking to electrify may experience a new form of “sticker shock” when they realize how much electrical power will be required to keep their vehicles running on schedule. For a fleet of any size, a charge management solution is a must to keep energy consumption under control. Charged asked Sam Hill-Cristol, Business Development… Read more »

California project to demonstrate vehicle-to-building resilience hub powered by transit buses

A new project funded by the California Energy Commission (CEC) will demonstrate the use of bidirectional EV charging to support a vehicle-to-building (V2B) “resilience hub.” Electric buses will discharge energy from their batteries to provide filtered air conditioning at a branch of the Oakland Public Library for local residents in the event of “unhealthy heat… Read more »

Charge Now for Business offers a turnkey charging solution for European fleets

Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) has teamed up with the EVBox Group and The Mobility House to launch a new fleet charging solution in the DACH region (Germany [D], Austria [A] and Switzerland [CH]—get it?). Charge Now for Business features EVBox’s hardware and intelligent Everon software, as well as The Mobility House’s energy management system. The… Read more »

Montgomery County, Maryland deploys microgrid to support electric bus charging

AlphaStruxure, a provider of Energy as a Service (EaaS) solutions, has won a contract to deploy an integrated microgrid and electric bus charging infrastructure project for Montgomery County, Maryland. The project will enable transit operator Ride On Montgomery County to convert at least 44 buses from diesel to electric power. AlphaStruxure, a joint venture of… Read more »

Groupe Renault launches stationary energy storage system using EV batteries

Groupe Renault has launched a stationary storage system for energy developed exclusively from EV batteries. Renault’s Advanced Battery Storage will eventually have a storage capacity of at least 60 MWh, provided by 2,000 EV batteries – equivalent to the daily consumption of 5,000 households. The first facilities will be developed in early 2019 at the… Read more »