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Daimler uses smart EV battery packs in German electricity balancing market

Daimler, together with partners The Mobility House and GETEC, has built what it says is the world’s largest second-life battery storage unit. The stationary storage unit is to go into service at the beginning of 2016 at the site of REMONDIS, a recycling, service and water company in the German town of Lünen. It uses… Read more »

Volvo Cars invests in Breathe Battery Technologies fast charging software

Volvo Cars has partnered with UK-based EV charging management software developer Breathe to become the first automaker to access the latest version of its Breathe Charge software, for use in its new generation of electric cars. Volvo will integrate the software with its own in-house-developed battery management platform to optimize performance and reduce charging times…. Read more »

Depot charging for electric trucks could reduce out-of-route miles

Predicting the future of new technologies (or of anything) is a chancy business, to say the least. And yet, companies and policymakers must indulge in a bit of crystal-gazing in order to choose where to focus their investments. Vehicle electrification is still an emerging technology, and the only thing certain is that it remains uncertain… Read more »

AMPECO CEO discusses the software that makes large-scale EV charging systems work in comprehensive Q&A

Q&A with AMPECO CEO Orlin Radev Large hardware installations need complex software to keep them running, and EV charging infrastructure projects are no exception. Any organization running more than a couple of EV chargers—whether it’s a public charging provider, a fleet operator, a multi-unit residential property, or just a business that offers EV charging to… Read more »

EVs are for everybody—but how to get Republicans to buy them?

Here at Charged, our position has always been that EVs are for everybody, and we’ve watched in disappointment as e-mobility has become a political football. Many others agree, including some red-state policymakers who have supported pro-EV measures in their states. Mike Murphy is a veteran GOP political consultant who has advised John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger,… Read more »

How Umicore is ensuring sustainability in the North American EV battery chain

Q&A with Umicore’s Robert Privette Umicore traces its roots to a Belgian mining company formed in 1906. Since then, it has moved on from mining to a variety of high-tech pursuits including refining, recycling and the manufacture of specialized metal products. Today it’s one of Belgium’s largest companies, and has a strong presence in e-mobility,… Read more »

Volvo Cars launches new Energy Solutions business to promote V2G applications

Volvo Cars has launched a new business unit called Energy Solutions to develop the potential for bidirectional charging applications such as V2H and V2G. The EX90 electric SUV, which is to be released in 2024, will be “the first Volvo car equipped with all the necessary hardware and (over time) software to enable bidirectional charging… Read more »

TeraWatt Infrastructure breaks ground on heavy-duty EV charging site near Port of Long Beach

TeraWatt Infrastructure is taking a comprehensive approach to providing charging for commercial EVs. The company owns strategically-located sites where it offers both public charging and turnkey infrastructure solutions. Now the company has broken ground for a new heavy-duty EV charging site in Rancho Dominguez, California. Located 15 miles north of the ports of Long Beach… Read more »

Toyota to invest $8 billion to expand North Carolina EV battery plant

Is Toyota a sleeping giant, poised to exploit the wimpy waffling of GM and Ford, and become the EV powerhouse it should be? Or will the company continue paying lip service to e-mobility while clinging to 20th-century technology? Who knows? We won’t presume to read the green tea leaves, but we are happy to report… Read more »

The lowly refuse truck offers the perfect use case for electrification

Q&A with Mack Trucks’ Scott Barraclough Most followers of tech trends probably think of electric vehicles as luxury performance cars, but here at Charged, we get just as excited about commercial vehicles. As regular readers know, the electrification of trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles is quickly picking up, driven by both regulation and technological developments…. Read more »