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Renault acquires commercial EV specialist PVI

Groupe Renault has acquired the French company Power Vehicle Innovation (PVI), which specializes in the conversion of commercial vehicles to electricity or natural gas. PVI worked with Renault on the development of the upcoming Renault Master Z.E. This large electric van, which was unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show in January and is due to… Read more »

Continental 48-volt hybrid drive goes into production in new Renault

Automotive supplier Continental has been working with Renault since 2013 on a mild hybrid system that operates at 48 volts, instead of the 300-400 volts usually used in hybrid vehicles. The new Hybrid Assist system is slated to go into production in Renault’s new Scénic and Grand Scénic models. Instead of a conventional starter generator,… Read more »

Renault sells its 100,000th EV

Five years since the launch of its first EV, Renault has handed over the keys to its 100,000th electric customer. The milestone vehicle is a Renault ZOE, sold to an Oslo gentleman, who will receive five years of free recharging as a bonus. Renault is Europe’s leading EV-seller, with a 27% market share. In the… Read more »

Singapore pilot uses Mitsubishi and Renault EVs as self-driving taxis

Autonomous taxis are coming, perhaps sooner than people think. Uber recently announced a trial of self-driving taxis in Pittsburgh, but followers of the tech scene were disappointed to learn that the company will not be using EVs, but legacy gas-guzzling SUVs. As it happens, the California giant has been scooped by a small MIT spin-out… Read more »

AZRA to market Renault Twizy in Canada, install 2,000 charging stations

Renault has partnered with charging network operator AZRA to market the Twizy, its low-speed 2-seater EV, in Canada. The Twizy will be available for lease at $99 Canadian ($78 US) per month, including the costs of registration and insurance. AZRA also plans to invest $40 million (Canadian) over the next 18 months to install 2,000… Read more »

Renault provides fleet of 150 Zoe EVs for smart solar charging project

Renault and several partners plan to develop a Franco-Dutch network of smart solar EV charging stations, in connection with a car-sharing service and vehicle-to-grid capability. The city of Utrecht will be the testing ground for the Smart Solar Charging Project. In phase one of the project, Renault will supply a fleet of 150 Zoe EVs… Read more »

Renault and Connected Energy collaborate on E-STOR energy storage product

Every week brings another example of how EVs will fit in as an integral part of the distributed, smart energy system of the future. The latest news comes from Renault. Europe’s leading EV-seller has partnered with energy storage company Connected Energy to develop a modular storage product called E-STOR. E-STOR uses second-life EV batteries to… Read more »

Norwegian postal service orders 240 electric Renault Kangoos

Posten, the Norwegian postal service, has ordered 240 Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E.s. The red Renaults will join the company’s existing fleet of 900 EVs (cars, bikes, quadricycles and trailers). The electric version of the Kangoo light-duty commercial van has a typical range of 80 to 125 km. Posten’s Kangoos will mostly be used in high-density… Read more »

Renault installs 90 charging stations in Paris for climate change summit

Renault, in partnership with electric utility EDF and others, is installing 90 new EV charge spots in and around Paris for the upcoming COP21 global summit on climate change. The charging stations, several of which will be donated by Schneider Electric, will be used to charge 200 EVs serving as VIP shuttles for conference attendees…. Read more »