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Electric trucks and buses show massive sales growth in Europe

The market share of fully electric trucks and buses is growing at an impressive pace in Europe, according to a new report from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). The news comes to us via the Australian EV news site The Driven. Writer Daniel Bleakley laments that his country is so far behind the… Read more »

Cheaper EVs are starting to show up in smaller global markets

Media coverage of EVs tends to focus on the world’s largest auto markets: North America, Europe and Asia. Until recently, that’s been where most of the action was, but in many smaller markets around the world, voltage levels are starting to rise. Chinese automakers, which now have a range of lower-priced EVs to sell, are… Read more »

IoTecha and Software République collaborate to produce Mobilize Powerbox

US-based EV charging services and technology company IoTecha has partnered with French EV open ecosystem developer Software République to inaugurate a production line for the Mobilize Powerbox, a smart bidirectional Level 2 EV charger manufactured by French producer Lacroix. Software République was founded in 2021 by Dassault Systèmes, Eviden, Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics and Thales…. Read more »

IoTecha’s IoT.ON platform enables both AC and DC bidirectional charging

Smart charging specialist IoTecha has developed a verticalized platform including hardware, embedded software and cloud services, that’s designed to power turnkey EV charging solutions. The IoT.ON platform was recently upgraded with a new processor (the brain of a Smart Charger) that includes the STMicroelectronics STM32MP1 MPU along with the ST33 Trusted Platform Module. Key features… Read more »

New report: automakers have secured less than a fifth of battery metals required for 2030 EV production

When it comes to electrifying by the magic date of 2030, automakers talk a great game—but if you want to know which companies are serious about electrification, look into which ones are lining up supplies of critical battery minerals. According to a recent report from Transport & Environment (T&E), automakers in the European market have… Read more »

Will California’s bidirectional EV charging mandate bring Tesla on board with bidirectional charging?

California Governor Gavin Newsom is just one of many who have called bidirectional charging a “game-changing” technology. Going bi enables vehicle-to-grid applications, which not only provide nifty features to EV drivers, but are widely seen as an essential tool for smoothly integrating large numbers of EVs into the electrical grid. That’s why the California legislature… Read more »