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BASF establishes a co-located battery material production and recycling center

BASF, a chemicals firm, has opened a battery material production and recycling site in Schwarzheide, Germany. The automated production plant makes cathode active materials, and mechanically processes end-of-life batteries and battery production waste for the production of black mass, which contains lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese.  The factory will provide European cell manufacturers and automotive… Read more »

TUD scientists work on increasing lithium-ion battery recycling

A team of scientists at Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) is partnering with Elyte Innovations to improve the recycling process and ecological footprint of lithium-ion batteries.  Named “SWELL—Recovery of Electrolyte Salts and Solvents” and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, the project focuses on the recovery of non-metallic components, including lithium… Read more »

Volkswagen and Redwood Materials collaborate on US consumer battery recycling program

Volkswagen and lithium-ion battery recycler Redwood Materials have partnered to offer US consumers a convenient way to recycle rechargeable devices or lithium-ion batteries. Participating Volkswagen dealerships will offer Redwood bins for easy and safe disposal of rechargeable batteries and consumer devices, including cell phones, laptops, tablets, cordless power tools, electric toothbrushes, wireless headphones and old… Read more »

Cirba Solutions to build EV battery recycling plant in South Carolina

Battery recycling company Cirba Solutions has announced a Phase I investment of at least $300 million in a new battery recycling facility to be built near Columbia, South Carolina. The plant, Cirba’s eighth in North America and fourth in the US, will focus on processing end-of-life hybrid and EV batteries, gigafactory scrap, and end-of-life consumer… Read more »

Altilium Metals accelerates development of planned EV battery recycling facility

UK-based Altilium Metals plans to step up development of its future EV battery recycling plant, following a six-month feasibility study funded in part by the UK government’s Automotive Transformation Fund and the successful demonstration of the company’s technology at its new analytical laboratory in Devon. According to Altilium, the study, conducted in collaboration with Hatch… Read more »

Ecobat to build new battery recycling facility in Arizona

Battery recycling company Ecobat is building its third lithium-ion battery recycling facility and its first in North America. The new facility in Casa Grande, Arizona will initially produce 10,000 estimated tons of recycled material per year, and plans to expand capacity as needed to satisfy the increasing need for Li-ion battery recycling. Ecobat Casa Grande… Read more »

Faraday Battery Challenge funds projects on recycling, digital twins, innovative battery materials and production

Innovate UK‘s Faraday Battery Challenge will support 17 new EV battery initiatives with £27.6 million. The new projects will advance various types of EV battery technology, including digital twins, battery recycling and next-generation materials. All the projects integrate technological, market and commercial aspects designed to increase UK battery value chain competitiveness. OXLiD is investigating Lithium-sulfur… Read more »

Aqua Metals begins pilot of AquaRefining battery recycling system

Nevada-based Aqua Metals has begun operating a pilot battery recycling facility at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. Feedstock has been introduced into the automated system, enabling recovery of valuable critical minerals from spent lithium-ion batteries. The company’s Li AquaRefining technology is “a low-emission, closed-loop recycling solution capable of recovering all valuable metals, including high-purity lithium, manganese,… Read more »

Cirba Solutions and GM extend collaboration on EV battery recycling

Cirba Solutions and GM have extended an existing agreement to recycle battery scrap generated by manufacturing and research at selected GM facilities through 2024. The original agreement dates from 2021, and GM has already recycled more than a million pounds of batteries. Cirba provides GM with reverse logistics, disassembly and processing to return recycled materials… Read more »

Li-Cycle opens battery recycling facility in Alabama

Battery recycler Li-Cycle has announced that its Alabama Spoke plant in Tuscaloosa has started commercial operations. The Alabama Spoke uses Li-Cycle’s patented technology to recycle and directly process full EV battery packs without any dismantling through a submerged shredding process that produces no wastewater. Li-Cycle says its full pack processing capability improves efficiency, and can… Read more »