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Stellantis and Orano enter EV battery recycling agreement

Automaker Stellantis and nuclear energy company Orano have signed a memorandum of understanding to form a joint venture to recycle EV batteries and scrap. Stellantis will have access to cobalt, nickel and lithium from gigafactories in Europe and North America for electrification and energy transformation. The joint venture will produce “black mass” or “active mass.”… Read more »

Researchers develop a new approach for EV battery recycling

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have developed a new approach to recycling metals from used EV batteries. The method recovers 100% of the aluminum and 98% of the lithium from EV batteries, according to the researchers. In traditional aqueous-based recycling, all EV battery metals are dissolved in inorganic acid to remove impurities… Read more »

Altilium and Lunaz develop custom electric trucks to transport EV batteries for recycling

In recycling, one of the biggest cost items is transporting the materials, and this is obviously the case for EV batteries, which are heavy and pose health and safety risks. UK-based recycler Altilium and Lunaz, a European firm that upcycles and electrifies vehicles, are working together to develop an innovative and low-carbon logistical solution. According… Read more »

Blue Whale Materials to build Li-ion battery recycling facility in Oklahoma

Battery recycling firm Blue Whale Materials plans to build a Li-ion battery processing facility in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The new plant will be located within a 35-acre campus including 150,000 square feet of warehouse space at the Bartlesville Industrial Park, and encompasses multiple lots designed to facilitate comprehensive battery processing, testing, dismantling and storage. The project… Read more »

The economics of recycling LFP batteries are not as attractive as NCM—an opportunity for second-life applications?

The anti-EV crowd is fond of stating that EV batteries “can’t be recycled.” If they read Charged on a regular basis, they would learn that EV batteries are in fact being recycled around the world by a growing number of companies. Lithium-ion batteries contain valuable minerals such as nickel and cobalt, so they’re no more… Read more »

DOE announces $192 million in new funding for EV battery R&D and recycling

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced more than $192 million in additional financing for recycling consumer product batteries, forming an advanced battery R&D collaboration and continuing the 2019 Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Prize. The Advanced Battery R&D Consortium funding opportunity will provide up to $60 million to convene major EV manufacturers, universities, National Laboratory… Read more »

Li-Cycle starts operations in Germany at its first battery recycling facility outside North America

Toronto-based battery recycling company Li-Cycle has begun operation of the first main processing line at its new Spoke recycling facility in Magdeburg, Germany. The second main line is expected to begin running later this year. The facility, including its two main lines and planned ancillary capacity, is expected to have a total annual processing capacity… Read more »

Aqua Metals and Yulho to establish EV battery recycling operations in South Korea

EV battery recycler Aqua Metals has entered into a strategic partnership with South Korean battery materials company Yulho. Yulho will make a strategic equity investment of $5 million in Aqua Metals, and Aqua will grant Yulho a license to deploy its patented AquaRefining technology in South Korea. Yulho has been around for 25 years, and… Read more »

BCA Industries introduces flexible turnkey EV battery recycling systems

Milwaukee-based BCA Industries, a provider of turnkey recycling systems, has formed a division called LithiBatt which is now providing complete battery recycling systems in collaboration with global partners. BCA’s systems offer various processing outcomes that include options for progressively smaller sizes of material shredding, as well as additional processing steps to generate higher-value, battery-grade precursor… Read more »

IRA incentives set off battery recycling gold rush

As numerous EV execs have told Charged in recent months, the “buy American” provisions of the IRA and BIL are driving massive investments in domestic mining and processing for EV battery raw materials. Now a similar gold rush appears to be gathering speed in the battery recycling field. The voluminous Inflation Reduction Act includes a… Read more »