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Honda accelerates electrification plans for Europe, passes over US

The good news: global automakers are getting more serious about electrification, announcing numerous new models and planning massive investments. The bad news: the trend is increasingly bypassing the North American market, as many of the new EVs, including models from US automakers, are to be sold only in China or Europe. Honda recently underlined this… Read more »

Chevrolet unveils photos of new Menlo electric utility vehicle

Western EV fans were exhilarated to read about the upcoming launch of the Chevrolet Menlo – the US and European markets badly need more electric crossover and SUV options. Alas, the excitement quickly turned to disappointment when we learned that, once again, this new EV will be sold only in China. CarNewsChina describes the Menlo… Read more »

Ford plans to launch 15 new electrified models in China

Global automakers are pushing their EV programs into high gear, announcing massive investments and lots of new electric models to be produced in the near future…in China. The Asian giant has the most aggressive electrification strategy of any major country -zero-emission vehicles must make up 10% of new car sales in 2019, and 12% in… Read more »

GM reveals expanded EV plans for China

In Shanghai for a workshop at GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, Executive Director for Electrification Larry Nitz outlined the company’s short-term electrification roadmap for China. The company will soon launch the Chevrolet Malibu XL Hybrid and Buick LaCrosse Hybrid in China, to be followed by the Cadillac CT6 PHEV later this year. The CT6… Read more »

Automakers push back against Michigan’s proposed EV fees

Faced with the fact that improved fuel efficiency is translating into lower gas tax receipts, several states have instituted, or are considering, special fees on electrified vehicles. A fee proposal currently making its way through the Michigan legislature has drawn opposition from an automakers’ trade group. In a recent letter to Michigan Senate Majority Leader… Read more »

Loyal GM customer told CEO Mary Barra he is tempted by Tesla’s “beautiful” user interface

There’s currently a lot of talk about a trend that Tesla co-founder Ian Wright discussed in our pages a year ago: even as software becomes a more and more critical part of the automobile, the user interfaces built by the (non-Tesla) automakers are clunky and old-fashioned, especially when it comes to integrating with our other… Read more »

GM to revamp Volt marketing efforts, enlisting existing owners as evangelists

GM is offering few details about the next-generation 2016 Volt, which is to be unveiled at the North American Auto show in Detroit in January. Speaking for an audience of Buick retirees last week, GM Executive VP Mark Reuss had no technical tidbits to offer, saying only that the new Volt will offer “better fuel economy… Read more »