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Researchers develop redox flow battery with high energy density

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have developed a new zinc-polyiodide redox flow battery that could offer more than two times the energy density of existing designs. Flow batteries, which use ionized liquids stored in external tanks in place of traditional electrolytes, have garnered a lot of publicity lately, as the storage medium of… Read more »

Researchers develop dendrite-free lithium films, an important step toward lithium metal anodes

There’s a lot of interest in using lithium metal as an anode material, because of its theoretical high capacity of 3,860 mAh g−1 (around ten times that of the graphite anodes used in typical Li-ion batteries). However, it doesn’t measure up in terms of cycle life and safety requirements, and one reason is the formation of… Read more »

New anode extends the life of lithium-sulfur batteries

Many researchers are interested in lithium-sulfur batteries, because they can offer up to four times the energy density of lithium-ion chemistries. However, current lithium-sulfur batteries have a much shorter lifespan. In a paper published this week in Nature Communications, a team from the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) described a “hybrid” anode… Read more »

New microscopy technique gives researchers a better look inside batteries

Electricity may seem invisible, but storing it in batteries has some very physical effects. As a battery is charged and discharged, electrons and ions rush around from place to place, sometimes causing electrodes to change their shapes over time. As researchers experiment with improved electrode materials, it’s critical to get a microscopic view of what… Read more »

It all adds up: extending EV range through efficiency increases

Want to increase the range of your EV without adding capacity to the costly battery pack? Optimize. In parallel with global research efforts to improve the power density of batteries, many are looking for new ways to use less energy per mile.   Mitsubishi’s New Motor Mitsubishi Electric is hard at work redefining what a… Read more »