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Tesla pre-owned vehicle program could be lucrative profit center

Tesla is developing a certified pre-owned vehicle program similar to those already offered by luxury brands such as BMW and Mercedes. “With the Model S fleet now heading toward the first cars hitting three years old, we are looking at CPO and how best to structure.” VP of Communications Simon Sproule told Automotive News. In… Read more »

ABB and BYD to collaborate on energy storage

Electronics giant ABB and Chinese automaker BYD have announced a strategic collaboration to develop new solutions for energy storage. The new partnership aims to accelerate the introduction of new solutions for EV charging, as well as stationary storage for renewable energy applications. The collaboration will focus on grid-connected energy storage, micro-grid applications, solar energy and… Read more »

White House response to pro-Tesla petition (a year later): We can’t pre-empt state law

Remember that petition that circulated a year ago, asking the White House to intervene in the War of the Car Lots, and allow Tesla to sell its vehicles directly to consumers? An answer finally came this week and, as expected, it merely states that the federal government has no authority in the matter. The official response,… Read more »

Two new in-wheel electric drive systems unveiled

In-wheel electric drive systems are a hot topic these days. Mounting the electric motor and power electronics within a wheel assembly can improve efficiency, save space and give automakers more flexibility in body design. This week, two leaders in the field introduced new in-wheel offerings. Protean Electric announced the debut of its production in-wheel motor… Read more »

A closer look at regenerative braking

Regenerative braking (usually called regen for short) is simply the act of turning a motor into a generator, so that it slows down the load it was previously driving. Instead of converting momentum into heat with friction brakes, regen puts some of that energy back into the traction pack, not only saving wear on the… Read more »