Chinese company unveils electric sedan

aoxin Ibis

These days, the media trumpets every new plug-in vehicle as a “Tesla competitor,” so it’s perhaps not surprising that the feature of the Aoxin Ibis that’s attracting the most attention is its badge, which includes a vaguely familiar “T” shape.

Aoxin New Energy

The new electric sedan, which is also known as the Aoxin Heying or Aoxin E45, appeared at the recent New Energy Auto Show in Shanghai. It’s made by Aoxin New Energy, a company based in Yancheng.

The Ibis is a large sedan – it’s slightly longer than the Model S, but weighs about 600 pounds less, thanks to the extensive use of aluminum and carbon fiber. It’s powered by three electric motors – one in the rear axle and one in each rear wheel hub. Total power is 181 hp, torque is 250 lb-ft, and top speed is 94 mph.

aoxin Ibis

A 360 V triple-lithium polymer battery pack, located under the floor, yields an estimated range of 285 miles.

The Ibis is expected to hit the Chinese market in the second half of this year. Aoxin has not announced pricing, but more details are expected to be revealed at the International New Energy Vehicle Show in Jinan City, later in March.


Source: CarNewsChina via Green Car Reports
Images via Aoxin New Energy

  • TCTopcat

    great to see the EV market spreading around the world, though the need for a common man’s daily driver EV still has yet to be filled.

  • Edward

    It already has in China. It is called the electric Vespa or scooter and bicycle. Most of the people in China ride Scooter/Vespas and bicycles. China is moving ahead of the US in great leaps with all electric scooter and vespas and all electric transit buses. There aren’t that many cars in China compared to buses and scooters and bicycles. In 20 years you will be very hard pressed to find a vehicle that isn’t hybrid or all electric.