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Mazda exec reiterates lack of interest in EVs

Mazda is one of the few major automakers that currently makes no plug-in vehicles, although it has indicated that it would offer an EV in 2019 to meet ZEV regulations. A Mazda exec defended the company’s status-quo strategy at a recent Michigan trade group convention, saying that the “impending death of the internal combustion engine… Read more »

Automakers want to keep existing CAFE standards (but extend the deadline)

Automakers have expended much time and treasure lobbying for government fuel efficiency standards to be watered down. Now it appears that they aren’t interested in scrapping the current standards altogether, but only in extending the deadlines for them to be applied. The US administration has announced that the EPA will reopen the midterm evaluation of… Read more »

EV audible noise rules may be cancelled in Washington’s “deregulation” drive

in November 2016, after six years of procrastination, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released rules requiring electrified vehicles to emit sounds to help protect pedestrians. The “quiet car” standard fulfills a law that Congress approved in 2010. Much of the impetus for the rules came from the National Federation for the Blind. Now,… Read more »

NRDC report quantifies American jobs supported by fuel economy standards

Over 288,000 American workers are employed building technologies for the auto industry to reduce pollution and improve gas mileage, according to a new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council. “Supplying Ingenuity II: U.S. Suppliers of Key Clean, Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Technologies,” a joint production of NRDC and the BlueGreen Alliance, finds that hundreds of thousands… Read more »

Plug-in sales shatter records in May, Prius Prime takes the lead

As more and more automakers are accelerating their plans for an electric future, sales of existing EV models are also gathering momentum. Monthly US plug-in vehicle sales have now beaten previous-year figures for 20 consecutive months. The trend continued in May, as an estimated 16,568 plug-ins were sold, a gain of 44% over last May…. Read more »

California Air Resources Board votes unanimously to stand by clean car standards

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has voted unanimously to reaffirm the state’s clean car standards, setting up a confrontation with the regime in Washington. The Board’s decision comes after years of detailed analysis by ARB staff, culminating in a Midterm Review which concluded that the standards can be met on time, using known technologies,… Read more »

30 US cities announce plans to buy $10 billion worth of EVs

Take that, EV nay-sayers! As automakers prepare to meet with the new US regime to discuss watering down fuel efficiency regulations – which some fear is the first step to scaling back their EV programs – mayors of cities around the country have joined to demonstrate their interest in low-emission vehicles. Thirty cities, including New… Read more »

Strict US auto emission and efficiency standards are history (updated)

As expected, the USA’s Climate-Change-Denier-In-Chief will move towards rolling back federal regulations on vehicle emissions. The change, which could undo one of President Barack Obama’s most significant environmental legacies, does not require action by Congress. Reuters reports that an announcement is expected from the Trump administration as soon as Tuesday. The expected order will reopen… Read more »

Automotive suppliers not so keen on watering down fuel economy rules

It’s pretty clear where the major automakers stand on federal emissions and fuel economy standards. Barely two days after his election, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers sent a letter to Trump urging him to “reform” federal fuel economy, emissions and safety regulations. Last week, executives of 18 automakers sent a second letter reiterating the request… Read more »

German Environment Minister prefers a Model S

It’s not unusual for government officials to drive EVs. Elected officials in Norway, Switzerland, the US and several other countries proudly drive on electrons. Even the USA’s Climate Change Denier-in-Chief reportedly owns a Model S. However, when the Environment Minister for the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia bought a Tesla Model S as his official… Read more »