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Data shows what we all knew: The auto industry isn’t advertising its EVs

It has long been apparent to EV journalists (or to anyone who watches TV or reads magazines) that automakers have little interest in advertising their plug-in models – we’re inundated with car ads every hour of every day, but the clever commercials seldom mention the 30 or so EVs and PHEVs that are theoretically available… Read more »

Will America maintain its EV lead?

Here at Charged, we believe EVs are for everyone, regardless of political leanings. While we certainly comment on government policies that we feel are pro- or anti-EV, we avoid endorsing any particular candidate or party. However, America has elected a new president who has promised a radical change from the policies of the past eight… Read more »

Plug-in sales soar in November: Volt holds a comfortable lead, Prius Prime has a record-setting debut

US plug-in sales continued their steady growth in November: 13,432 EVs and PHEVs changed hands, an impressive increase over November 2015’s 10,070. If December’s sales match those of a year ago, this year’s sales will show an eye-catching 27% surge compared to 2015. The Chevy Volt held onto its comfortable lead, as the new and… Read more »

Tesla subsidies amount to a fraction of what the Big Three have received

Tesla has been the target of trolls, misinformation and fake news stories since its founding. Whole web sites are devoted to trumpeting the company’s failings, real and invented. Since the US presidential election, the torrent of tirades has kicked into high gear. The Institute for Energy Research, a think tank funded by oil and coal… Read more »

Electrified supercars in Geneva

At the recent Geneva Auto Salon, a number of smaller automakers had electrified supercars on display. Few of these are likely to be seen on the world’s roads any time soon, but it’s interesting to see how designers are combining electric and legacy drives for maximum performance. The British firm Arash  (via Green Car Reports) unveiled a… Read more »

Guangzhou Automobile Group to invest $322 million in factory for new energy vehicles

Guangzhou Automobile Group plans to invest 2 billion yuan ($322 million) in a factory in China that will exclusively build new energy vehicles (plug-ins, hybrids and FCVs). The new plant is scheduled to go online in 2018, and will have an annual production capacity of 100,000 vehicles. The location of the new factory has not… Read more »

Uber adds PHEVs to its fleet in China

It’s a logical convergence of three tech trends: Uber, EVs and China. The pioneering ride-sharing service, which has already been testing EVs in Chicago and Prague, has announced that it will add ten PHEVs to its fleet in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The new car service, called UberGREEN, will use Guangzhou Automobile’s Trumpchi GA5… Read more »

Chinese company unveils electric sedan

These days, the media trumpets every new plug-in vehicle as a “Tesla competitor,” so it’s perhaps not surprising that the feature of the Aoxin Ibis that’s attracting the most attention is its badge, which includes a vaguely familiar “T” shape. The new electric sedan, which is also known as the Aoxin Heying or Aoxin E45,… Read more »

New study: Stickers showing total cost of ownership influence buyers to choose electrified vehicles

The EPA’s fuel economy labels on new cars are likely ineffective in pointing out the total savings of hybrid and plug-in cars over legacy vehicles, according to a new study by two University of Kansas professors. The research team conducted a 2013 online survey of 3,200 respondents in 32 US cities, and published their findings… Read more »