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Nexperia’s new silicon carbide Schottky diodes have 650 V peak reverse voltage

Nexperia has released its first SiC Schottky diode, which boasts a 650 V repetitive peak reverse voltage and 10 A continuous forward current . Nexperia plans to expand its portfolio of SiC diodes, leading to a total of 72 products operating at voltage levels of 650 V and 1,200 V, with currents in the range… Read more »

Allison Transmission to invest $42 million in Jing-Jin Electric’s IPO

Allison Transmission will participate in the initial public offering of electric motor, inverter and propulsion system supplier Jing-Jin Electric (JJE), making a strategic investment of approximately $42 million. FAW Group will also participate as a strategic investor in the IPO. Allison’s investment in JJE follows a recently announced strategic partnership between the two companies, and… Read more »

SES builds a pilot production line for solvent-in-salt electrolyte production

Battery supplier SES has built a pilot production line capable of scaling up high-concentration, solvent-in-salt electrolyte production. The pilot line is capable of synthesizing SES’s proprietary solvent and manufacturing a high-concentration solvent-in-salt electrolyte formulation designed for SES’s hybrid Li-metal automotive batteries. The facility is currently capable of producing 5 tons of electrolyte per year, and… Read more »

SemiQ releases 1,200 V 80 mΩ silicon carbide power switch

Semiconductor supplier SemiQ has released its second-generation silicon carbide power switch, a 1,200 V 80 mΩ SiC MOSFET. The company currently sells SiC rectifiers at 650 V, 1,200 V and 1,700 V. The MOSFET is designed to provide a trade-off of conduction and switching losses, and maintain its efficiency advantage over a wide range of… Read more »

DOE announces $209 million in funding for battery research projects

The DOE has announced $209 million in funding for 26 new laboratory projects focusing on EVs, advanced batteries and connected vehicles. The DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory also announced the Li-Bridge, a new public-private partnership to bridge gaps in the domestic battery supply chain. The 26 national laboratory projects announced today will address four critical goals:… Read more »

NI and D&V Electronics partner to test EV traction inverters

NI, formerly National Instruments, has announced two new projects for EV traction inverter validation: a new Inverter Test System (ITS) and a collaboration agreement with D&V Electronics for power-level inverter testing. Both projects are designed to accelerate innovation for EVs by integrating tests earlier in the product development lifecycle. By simulating EV powertrains to perform… Read more »

Silicon Mobility and G-Pulse design bidirectional DC-DC converter platform

Silicon Mobility and controls supplier G-Pulse are collaborating to design a high-power multiphase interleaving bidirectional DC-DC converter platform for electrified vehicles. The platform is based on Silicon Mobility’s OLEA control technology, together with a SiC power module, and benefits from G-Pulse’s engineering experience with automotive systems. Powertrain system elements in electrified vehicle applications may require… Read more »

Sensata’s new junction boxes support charging at up to 850 volts and 1,300 amps

Sensata Technologies has released new high-voltage junction boxes designed to provide safe and reliable power distribution for high-power charging of commercial EVs. The new DC charging boxes support megawatt charging of medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks at up to 850 volts and 1,300 amps. Combining Sensata’s current production contactor, fuse, and controller components into a… Read more »

New CSM connectors allow easier handling for high-voltage testing

CSM has released C (Connector) variants of its High-voltage Breakout Modules (HV BM) for measuring current, voltage and power. The C variant connection is designed to facilitate handling, reduce measurement setup time, and easily unplug for calibration. The new HV Breakout Module 1.2C is connected to the HV power cables via a PL500 connector system… Read more »

Allison Transmission developing EV tech for US Army combat vehicles

Allison Transmission is accelerating the development of electrification technology for the US Army’s ground combat vehicle fleet, including tracked infantry fighting vehicles and the main battle tank. Military benefits of electrified vehicles include silent mobility to reduce enemy detection and increase survivability, exportable power provisions for on-board and off-board systems, and flexible operational modes capable… Read more »