The Role Of Testing In Ensuring The Functionality, Quality And Reliability Of Battery Management Systems

Presented by:

  • Paul Bovingdon, Technical Engineering Manager, Pickering Interfaces

  • Norman Hussain, VP - Software & Strategic Business Development

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Apr 18, 2023, 11:00 am EDT

Testing plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and reliability of battery management systems (BMS) during the design validation and manufacture stages. The purpose of testing is to verify that the BMS meets the specified requirements and functions as intended under various operating conditions.

During the design validation stage, testing is used to evaluate the performance, safety, and reliability of the BMS design and its controlling firmware. This includes thermal and environmental testing, which verify that the BMS can operate within the specified temperature and humidity ranges, and electromagnetic compatibility testing, which verifies that the BMS does not generate electromagnetic interference that could affect other electronic systems and is not subject to electromagnetic interference from other sources. As part of a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation test strategy, the BMS is tested for reactions to faulty signals.

During the manufacturing stage, testing ensures that each BMS unit is built to the correct specifications and is free from defects. This includes functional testing, which verifies that the BMS operates as intended, and quality control testing, which verifies that the BMS meets the specified quality standards.

By performing these tests, the manufacturer can identify and correct any issues before the BMS is put into service, ensuring its high quality and reliability.

Join Pickering to learn how industry-standard, modular PXI-based switch and simulation products can be used in BMS functional testing to simulate correct battery voltage, current and temperature readings, as well as HIL and fault insertion testing to verify correct BMS operation under a range of real-world conditions and fix potential issues before the systems are deployed in the field.

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