Drive Performance Through Battery Cell Chemistry

Presented by:

  • Dr Lalitha Subramanian, Senior Director & Science Fellow, Dassault Systemes

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Apr 17, 2023, 1:00 pm EDT

The demand for safer, longer-lasting, faster charging, cheaper and energy-dense batteries is disrupting the entire industry. Rapid battery evolution, affordability, sustainability and recyclability are key to delivering the next generation of EVs. The automotive and transportation sector is transforming their fleets to electric cars, electric buses, and electric trucks. Auto OEMs, start-ups, battery makers and specialty chemical companies are all investing large amounts of resources for groundbreaking innovations. Time is of the essence and accelerating innovation is key.

Launching and managing a battery innovation program presents a unique set of challenges due to the rapidly shifting consumer expectations, evolving public energy options and of course, the amazing advances that are happening at what seems like an almost daily pace. Coupled with that is an acute need to source scientific talent that is well versed in both the language of battery development and the specific contours associated with the wider transportation sector that is driving battery development.

This webinar will cover case studies on design, optimization and innovation of battery chemistry, as well as design-for-manufacturing approaches.

Webinar highlights:
• Virtual twin of battery cell and simulation of cell performance
• Validated use-cases covering challenges, solutions and results
• Driving battery innovation programs from ideation through to delivery
• Engagement framework with our Customers to drive performance of cell for the next generation

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