The Goldilocks Problem: Balancing Internal Forces Within An EV Battery Module Or Pack

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  • John Williams, VP of Technical Services, Aspen Aerogel

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Apr 19, 2023, 11:00 am EDT

Li-ion cells often have strong opinions about their clamping pressures, wanting neither too hard, nor too soft. It’s a classic “Goldilocks problem,” with a sweet spot that balances electrochemical performance, cell life, and mechanical retention. Goldilocks also changes her mind, often, as the cells breathe and swell through a lifetime of usage. When designing modules and/or packs, engineers must not only strike this balance at beginning of life, but also over the life of the vehicle, while also protect against thermal runaway.

In this session, we will explore factors battery engineers need to consider when optimizing performance while meeting safety requirements. Attendees will develop an understanding of how cell-to-cell barriers influence mechanical design. We will also review simplified models for a balanced mechanical design.

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