Multigap Toroidal Transformers and Inductors for Overcoming Fringing Losses in HF Resonant Converters

Presented by:

  • Pau Colomer, R&D Director, Prax Power

  • Marc Maneja, Sales Director, Prax Power

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Apr 17, 2023, 2:45 pm EDT

New designs for power converters demand compact, high power density components and are increasingly using higher switching frequencies. This has become a real challenge for magnetic component designers to overcome the extra losses created by large air gaps necessary for transformers and resonant inductors, those related to fringing effect.

Join this webinar where we will introduce key rules and considerations for the design of such transformers and resonant inductors.

Multi-gap technology has been developed by PRAX to reduce winding AC losses. It allows a large air gap to be evenly distributed on a toroid to minimize fringing effect by splitting the gap into smaller gaps.

The use of multigap (XGAP TM) technology allows for the creation of cost-effective solutions with maximum power density thanks to the reduction of core volume around 30%, while overall size reductions up to 20%. Mutigap technology also minimizes losses and offers optimal heat dissipation of windings in all type of cooling systems. All of these advantages match the requirements of magnetic components in EV charging applications.

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