Ultrasonic Metal Welding Busbar Applications in EVs

Presented by:

  • Greg Ruscak, Engineering and Applications Manager, Telsonic

  • Will Som, Senior Engineering Team Leader, Telsonic

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Apr 19, 2023, 10:15 am EDT

Improving the efficiency, power, and capabilities of EVs vehicles can be accomplished by less mass and more space. This can be achieved by moving from round wiring to flat conductors, known as busbar, for batteries and beyond. Busbar innovation outside the battery pack is of high interest for the future, routing high power from charging inlets to batteries and out to other high-power motors and devices. There is a rising interest in busbars among all OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, mostly for high-voltage applications. As future innovations increase the utilization of busbars outside of the battery pack, these new applications will create significant opportunities for ultrasonic welding to increase the overall quality of the future joining design in busbar architecture. Ultrasonic welding, particularly torsional welding technology, allows welding of larger size welds, gentle vibration, and ability to join harder to reach areas. These capabilities will allow further implementations of busbars outside the EV battery packs as the industry moves forward.

Join this session, where Telsonic will present challenges and solutions for busbar applications. Greg Ruscak, Telsonic’s Engineering and Applications Manager and Will Som, Senior Engineering team leader at Telsonic Solutions, Boston, Massachusetts, will provide an overview of our welding technologies and capabilities to resolve challenges for connection system with busbars in Electric Vehicles.

The presentation will explain the innovative and exclusive technology that Telsonic utilizes to provide the best quality joining solutions for future busbar architecture. The demonstrated applications will explore the capabilities of conventional ultrasonic linear welding and the exclusive Telsonic Torsional SONIQTWIST and PowerWheel technology.

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