Enhancing Next Generation Dedicated Driveline e-Fluids Through New Testing Capabilities

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  • Auke Faber, Driveline Test Engineer – e-Axle - Mechanical Testing, Lubrizol

  • David J. Whitticar, Driveline Test Engineer – e-Axle - Mechanical Testing, Lubrizol

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Apr 19, 2023, 8:45 am EDT

The world of global transportation is becoming increasingly electrified. With this, the lubricant is becoming more important than ever with new applications such as e-axle fluids and new performance requirements. Initially, for Driveline e-fluids the primary drivers were efficiency and wear performance. However, there is now an increasing focus on heat transfer and copper compatibility requirements. All of this without sacrificing any durability performance.

In addition to focused bench and component testing, full-scale hardware testing is essential to maintain the right balance of all elements. This is especially true for system-level efficiency, thermal and durability performance. Historically, the industry has evaluated conventional lubricants in actual axles, transmissions, and engines. But as Lubrizol moved into testing Electric Drive Units (EDU), it realized that its capabilities needed to evolve. In order to achieve the goals, Lubrizol needed to ensure that it could simulate high-voltage batteries and precisely control embedded electric motors.

Join this session to learn how Lubrizol significantly enhanced its three-motor transmission test stands (in the UK and the US) by adding a DC battery simulator and universal inverter motor controls. This means it has very flexible configurations, that allows testing of almost any e-device. With this added flexibility comes a significant level of complexity which will be explained through three test case studies. The test case studies cover the durability and thermal performance of a power-split dedicated hybrid transmission and the system efficiency of an e-Axle.

Lubrizol's state-of-the-art capabilities, coupled with its EVOGEN fluid technology are providing insights across a wide array of differentiating performance attributes. The speakers will explore test results ranging from gear durability and power loss reduction through to decreased peak coil operating temperatures. These insights gained out of full-scale e-rig tests enable the development of the highest performing EVOGEN driveline e-fluids tailored to respective EDUs. This allows the lubricant to achieve maximum vehicle range while maintaining the durability performance needed throughout the OEM’s desired service life.

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