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SAE International announces alignment methodology for wireless EV charging standard

SAE International’s Wireless Power Transfer & Alignment Taskforce has been working on a new wireless EV charging standard for some time. Now, following a “lengthy consensus process,” the group has decided upon Differential Inductive Positioning System (DIPS) as the technology alignment methodology for the SAE J2954 standard, Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) for Light-Duty Plug-in/Electric Vehicles… Read more »

CharIN launches new taskforce for wireless power transfer

The Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) is a global alliance of EV and EVSE providers that promotes universal charging standards such as CCS, MCS and ISO 15118. Now CharIN has launched a Wireless Power Transfer Taskforce, initiated by Siemens, WiTricity, and MAHLE, in order to drive the adoption and standardization of wireless charging solutions for EVs…. Read more »

InductEV opens R&D center for high-power wireless EV charging

Many fail to appreciate the potential of wireless charging—it’s not just a way for EV drivers to save the few seconds it takes to plug in a cable. As Bob Kacergis of Momentum Dynamics explained to Charged in a 2022 feature article, wireless charging, done properly, can be truly transformative for EV fleets, delivering longer… Read more »

Tesla acquires German wireless charging startup Wiferion

Is Tesla planning to go wireless? The company has long touted autonomous driving technology, which will require some form of automated charging. In 2015, Tesla showed a prototype of a gee-whiz “snake charger.” In 2017, there were rumors that it was working on a ground-mounted automated conductive charger. This March, Tesla teased what appeared to… Read more »

A primer on wireless EV charging technology

Two main types of wireless power transfer systems are being pursued these days: the inductive type, which is magnetically coupled, and resonantly-coupled systems using electromagnetic fields. The instant availability of maximum torque makes driving even the most economy-oriented EV way more fun than its ICE counterpart, but few would hold the same opinion about the… Read more »

WiTricity’s new FastTrack program allows automakers to quickly integrate wireless EV charging

Wireless EV charging pioneer WiTricity has announced a new FastTrack Integration Program for automotive OEMs, which allows for an initial vehicle integration in just three months, accelerating automaker testing of WiTricity’s Halo receiver and 11 kW charger on existing and future EV platforms. “Knowing the challenges of automotive timelines, we are committed to helping OEMs… Read more »

Is wireless charging right for your EV fleet infrastructure? (Webinar)

The US government is focused on accelerating EV adoption, expanding the EV charging network across the country by 2030. To fulfil these ambitious goals, key friction points will need removing, including a lack of a universal charging standard and patchwork networks of fast charging. While these issues can be a deterrent to private individuals transitioning… Read more »

ENRX to test dynamic wireless EV charging on Florida highway

Dynamic wireless charging would seem to be the ultimate in convenience—you don’t have to wait, you don’t even have to stop, just charge away as you roll down the highway. Reasonable minds may differ as to what use cases would justify the complexity and cost of such a system, but it’s certainly worth researching, and… Read more »

WiTricity and ABT partner to offer wireless EV charging in Europe

Wireless charging pioneer WiTricity has partnered with ABT e-Line, a provider of aftermarket automotive solutions, to deliver aftermarket wireless EV charging solutions in Europe. ABT e-Line will initially upgrade the VW ID.4 to support WiTricity’s wireless charging system. Availability is targeted for early 2024. ABT e-Line plans to extend wireless charging capability to additional EVs,… Read more »

LG Innotek introduces new 800 V wireless BMS

LG Innotek has introduced an 800-volt wireless battery management system (BMS) that it says can greatly increase battery performance.  LG’s new wireless BMS has a communication module that integrates an RF communication chip and antenna into one unit. LG says that removing hundreds of BMS wires and connectors from a battery pack can allow vehicle… Read more »