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Skeleton and Martinrea to collaborate on fast-charging batteries in refuse collection vehicles

Energy storage device manufacturer Skeleton Technologies and Martinrea International’s Effenco subsidiary, a supplier of electrification technologies for heavy-duty vehicles, will collaborate to supply Skeleton’s SuperBattery technology and Effenco’s Hybrid Electric solution to refuse collection vehicles in major cities across Europe and North America, including New York and Paris. Effenco’s Hybrid Electric solution electrifies the vehicle’s… Read more »

Skeleton Technologies launches supercapacitor/battery, joins coalition to electrify mining

Skeleton Technologies has introduced a new product that combines supercapacitors and batteries, and has joined a coalition of nine members, including Shell, that aims to electrify mining equipment. The SuperBattery doesn’t use any cobalt, copper, nickel or graphite. The company says it can last for 50,000 cycles. It is currently being used or tested in… Read more »

Skeleton Technologies to supply Class8 Energy with supercapacitor modules for commercial vehicles

Energy storage device maker Skeleton Technologies has signed a €11.6-million ($12.2 million) contract with equipment distributor Class8 Energy to supply it with supercapacitor modules. “Since the beginning of the electrification of commercial vehicles, our efforts have turned to obtaining a better energy solution for the heavy-duty and off-road machinery diesel market,” says Class8 Energy CEO… Read more »

Skeleton Technologies joins Siemens to build supercapacitor factory in Germany

Skeleton Technologies, an energy storage device maker, is working together with Siemens on a new supercapacitor factory in Germany. “The collaboration aims to achieve the digitization of Skeleton’s entire value chain–from supercapacitor cell design to production and services–and scale up the production of next-generation supercapacitors,” says Skeleton. “With our holistic automation and digitalization portfolio, we… Read more »

Skeleton Technologies raises €70 million to develop EV batteries and supercapacitors

Skeleton Technologies, a maker of energy storage devices, has secured an additional €29 million in Series D financing, bringing its total Round D financing to €70.4 million. “Unlike Tesla, Panasonic or LG, who use similar raw materials and compete in engineering, Skeleton has focused on vertical integration based on our proprietary curved graphene material,” said… Read more »

Skeleton Technologies raises $48.5 million to expand the competitive advantage of ultracapacitors

Ultracapacitor manufacturer Skeleton Technologies has announced the completion of a €41.3-million financing round. All the company’s existing investors participated in the equity raise, and were joined by European entrepreneurs and international investors.  Skeleton CEO Taavi Madiberk said, “The roadmap to zero emissions needs innovation and a mix of enabling technologies. Ultracapacitors are a key enabler for… Read more »

Skeleton and Sumitomo partner to distribute graphene-based ultracapacitors

Ultracapacitor manufacturer Skeleton Technologies has signed a distribution agreement with Sumitomo Europe to provide energy storage solutions for the EV industry. Skeleton’s graphene-based ultracapacitors boast high power density, a recharge time of 2-3 seconds and more than one million life cycles. In EVs, ultracapacitors can be used in tandem with lithium-ion batteries, an arrangement that… Read more »

Ultracap manufacturer Skeleton Technologies receives €13 million Series C investment

European ultracapacitor manufacturer Skeleton Technologies has raised €13 million ($14.5 million) in new Series C investment, bringing the company’s total financing to €26.7 million ($30 million). Skeleton plans to use the new funding to accelerate its plans to bring graphene ultracapacitors from high-end sectors to the mass market. “We believe Skeleton Technologies has great potential… Read more »

Skeleton Technologies scores €4 million in new investment for its graphene ultracapacitors

Ultracapacitor manufacturer Skeleton Technologies has secured a €4 million investment from the energy-oriented investment company KIC InnoEnergy, part of €9.8 million in Series B financing raised by Skeleton last year. “We see KIC InnoEnergy as a strong, value-added partner, with a number of their investors being current or potential customers of Skeleton Technologies,” said Skeleton… Read more »

Skeleton Technologies’ new ultracapacitors target heavy transportation market

Skeleton Technologies has launched a new range of cylindrical ultracapacitors that offer specific power performance of up to 111 kW/kg, specific energy up to 9.6 Wh/kg, and capacitance up to 4500 farads. Skeleton hopes that the high energy density achieved by the SkelCap 4500 series will be a good fit for the heavy transportation market,… Read more »