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Electrify America and Lyft partner on EV rideshare charging

Electrify America and Lyft have partnered to provide users of Lyft’s Express Drive short-term car rental program access to Electrify America’s DC fast charging network. The project will commence in Denver, Colorado, where Express Drive users will have access to Electrify America’s 30 chargers at 7 DC fast charging stations. Electrify America intends to add… Read more »

GM/Lyft Express Drive rental program expands to California, adds EVs

GM and Lyft plan to expand their Express Drive short-term vehicle access program to California and Colorado. California members will have access to the Volt, and the upcoming Bolt when it becomes available later this year. GM invested $500 million in Lyft in January. Express Drive, which began earlier this year in select cities including… Read more »

Evercar brings its fleet of EVs to Uber, Lyft, Instacart and other on-demand services

Evercar uses short-term rentals to accelerate the potential for electric ride-sharing and delivery services. If it can clear regulatory hurdles, its electric-miles-as-a-service tools could change the growing industry. On paper, EVs seem like the perfect choice for the on-demand economy. In a world where vehicles are being pushed to spend more time on the road… Read more »

New study: Ride-hailing EVs deliver triple the emissions benefits of personal EVs

Rideshare vehicles are widely believed to have larger carbon footprints than personal vehicles, as they rack up additional mileage on the way to and from passenger pickups. Thus, it stands to reason that, like trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles, electrifying them would deliver greater emissions reductions than electrifying personal passenger cars. According to a new… Read more »

New study: EVs are cheaper than diesels for ride-sharing in many European capitals

As ride-hailing apps such as Uber, Lyft, Bolt and Kapten continue to explode in popularity, the environmental costs are becoming apparent. These services not only draw riders away from greener public transport options, but they result in more passenger-miles driven than when people drive themselves. The need to electrify ride-hailing vehicles is obvious. The good… Read more »

Read past issues of Charged – Electric Vehicles Magazine

< Newer Issues Issue 28 – November/December 20169 Featuring: Seaworthy EVs: Leclanché designs and manufactures Li-ion cells and systems Chroma Systems Solutions invests in the next generation of EV testing products 2017 Prius Prime: Toyota launches an all new PHEV that some call “the best Prius ever” Turnkey drivetrains: UQM, Eaton and Pi Innovo collaborate… Read more »

Bosch reports €13 billion in electromobility orders

Since the beginning of 2018, Bosch has won electromobility-related orders worth roughly €13 billion, including production projects for electric powertrains for passenger cars and light trucks. The company is fast-tracking electrification, as well as developing higher-efficiency ICEs and investing in fuel cells, automated driving and technology for mobility services. At the beginning of 2019, Bosch… Read more »

Daimler and BMW to invest a billion euros in ride-hailing JV to compete with Uber

The combination of autonomous vehicles and ride-hailing services is expected to be an extraordinarily disruptive development. Someday, providers of Transportation as a Service (TaaS) could be sitting atop the value chain, while traditional automakers end up as producers of a commodity product. Automakers aren’t sitting idly by and waiting for the market to develop. Just… Read more »

Bob Lutz laments the end of the automotive era

Quintessential car guy Bob Lutz, the father of the Chevy Volt and one-time Tesla admirer turned harsh critic, had some bad news for an audience of engineers at SAE International’s recent annual meeting in Detroit. Once vehicle autonomy reaches its logical conclusion, humans will be reduced to passengers in standardized, soulless automated vehicles. People who… Read more »

California Energy Commission awards Envoy $1.5 million for EV sharing in disadvantaged communities

Envoy Technologies has been awarded $1.5M in funding from the California Energy Commission to develop and implement an Electric Vehicle Shared Mobility Program that will primarily benefit disadvantaged communities in the greater Sacramento Metropolitan and the California Bay Area. Envoy provides shared mobility as an amenity where people live, work and stay. The company says its… Read more »