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Premo releases 50 kW transformer module for air-cooled EV charging stations

​​​​​​​Spanish electronic components manufacturer Premo has released a 50 kW off-board charger transformer set incorporating advanced design elements to optimize performance and thermal management in EVs. The module for air-cooled EV charging stations is engineered to meet the demanding power requirements of modern EVs. Its 300 x 174 x 100 mm aluminum enclosure and embedded… Read more »

PREMO releases high-power common-mode chokes for on-board EV chargers

Spanish magnetic components manufacturer PREMO has introduced new four-phase, high-power common-mode chokes for EMC noise filtering in on-board EV chargers of up to 22 kW. The 4CMCN065R0-16H and 4CMCN065R0-32H automotive-grade chokes have a 32 mm low profile, less than 5.8 cm3 size and more than 98.5% efficiency—which makes them ideal for use in EVs where… Read more »

PREMO’s new MICU 300A-S/LF inductive couplers for EV sniffing

Spanish manufacturer PREMO has unveiled a new line of inductive couplers: the MICU 300A-S/LF series, designed specifically for electric vehicle sniffing applications. Sniffing involves the use of inductive couplers to measure current and voltage signals on high-voltage cables, without the need for direct contact. PREMO explains that sniffing applications are essential for a variety of… Read more »

PREMO offers new inductive couplers for EVs and smart grid applications

PREMO, a manufacturer of inductive components, announces its new MICU family that covers a wide frequency range for power line communications (PLC) in smart grid and EV charging applications. PREMO says the inductive couplers provide these benefits: Non-intrusive (no need to disconnect cables, terminals, etc) Easy to use and install. Clamp, click and connect in… Read more »

PREMO launches high-efficiency secondary coils for wireless charging

PREMO, a Spanish manufacturer of inductive components for the automotive market, has announced a new series of compact secondary coils for wireless charging, the WC-RX-Series, that boast high efficiency and durability. In Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) systems for EVs, the secondary coils (also known as the receiver antenna) are installed on the vehicle, while the… Read more »