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onsemi and Magna invest in SiC manufacturing for EVs in New Hampshire and Czech Republic

onsemi, a producer of power and sensing technologies, and Magna, an automotive supplier, have announced a long-term supply agreement for Magna to integrate onsemi’s EliteSiC power solutions into its eDrive systems. Magna says its eDrive systems can improve cooling, acceleration and charging rates by incorporating onsemi’s EliteSiC MOSFET technology, enhancing EV efficiency and range. onsemi’s… Read more »

Vitesco Technologies and onsemi establish SiC supply deal

Vitesco Technologies, an electric powertrain supplier, and onsemi have announced a 10-year, $1.9-billion silicon carbide (SiC) supply deal for electrification technologies. Vitesco Technologies is investing $250 million in new SiC boule growth, wafer fabrication and epitaxy equipment for onsemi to assure its access to SiC capacity over the next 10 years and beyond. The equipment… Read more »

onsemi releases new EliteSiC M3S devices portfolio for EVs

onsemi, which produces intelligent power and sensor technologies for automotive and industrial applications, has released its newest 1,200 V EliteSiC silicon carbide (SiC) M3S devices for EV power electronics. The expanded portfolio includes EliteSiC MOSFETs and modules with high switching speeds, enabling 800 V applications including EV on-board charging (OBC), solar inverters and energy storage… Read more »

Kia EVs to use onsemi’s silicon carbide power module for traction inverters

onsemi has announced that its EliteSiC family of silicon carbide power modules has been selected for Kia’s EV6 GT model. onsemi says its power module enables high-efficiency power conversion from the DC 800 V of the battery to the AC drive for the rear axle. It also delivers package technology to minimize parasitics and thermal… Read more »

NIO selects onsemi’s VE-Trac Direct SiC power modules for its next-gen EVs

Power and sensor technology company onsemi (formerly ON Semiconductor) has announced that NIO selected its VE-Trac Direct SiC power modules for its next-generation EVs. The SiC VE-Trac Direct is a 900 V power module with integrated single-side direct cooling that incorporates onsemi’s second-generation SiC MOSFET technology. onsemi says “An integrated pin fin baseplate enables direct… Read more »

ON Semiconductor introduces new power modules for high-voltage EV inverters

ON Semiconductor has released the first two devices within its new VE-Trac family of power modules for high-voltage automotive traction inverters. Future devices in the VE-Trac family will include discrete power devices, isolated gate drivers, and wide bandgap (WBG) devices. The company says its first two devices are ideally suited for use in the main… Read more »

ON Semiconductor announces rugged automotive SiC Diodes

ON Semiconductor has introduced a robust line of automotive-grade silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes. The AEC-Q101 diodes can handle high surge currents and are meant to operate from -55° to 175° C. There are several reasons why SiC diodes are ideal for automotive applications. They are smaller and cheaper compared to alternatives, have higher power densities, and create… Read more »

ON Semiconductor’s new compact intelligent power module

ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON) has introduced what it calls the industry’s most compact 650 volt, 50 ampere intelligent power module for controlling vehicle AC compressors and other high-voltage auxiliary motor applications in hybrid and electric vehicles. The FAM65V05DF1 integrates IGBTs, freewheeling diodes and gate drivers in an automotive-qualified package with a footprint of 12 square… Read more »