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Group14 begins construction of second US silicon battery materials factory

Battery manufacturer Group14 Technologies has begun the construction of its second commercial-scale Battery Active Materials (BAM-2) factory in Moses Lake, Washington. The 1 million-square-foot campus will manufacture commercial quantities of SCC55, together with the BAM-1 factory in Woodinville, Washington. SCC55 is a stable silicon-carbon composite anode with five times the capacity of graphite, which affords… Read more »

Group14 Technologies raises $214 million for development of silicon battery tech

Group14 Technologies, a global manufacturer and supplier of silicon battery tech, has raised $214 million in additional financing from a consortium that includes Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund, Lightrock Climate Impact Fund, Moore Strategic Ventures, Oman Investment Authority and Molicel, bringing the company’s Series C round total to $614 million. Group14 launched its first Battery Active… Read more »

Group14 raises $400 million for silicon-carbon battery materials factory in US

Silicon-carbon battery tech supplier Group14 Technologies has raised $400 million in Series C funding, which it plans to use to open its second battery active materials factory in the US. The plant will produce the company’s proprietary SCC55 lithium-silicon battery material for Porsche subsidiary Cellforce Group, which will use it to begin producing battery cells… Read more »

Farasis and Group14 say their silicon-carbon anode delivers 330 Wh/kg

Farasis Energy and Group14 Technologies have developed a new silicon-based anode for an EV-scale battery. In cells built and tested by Farasis using Group14’s silicon-carbon anode material SCC55, the company says it can reach a specific energy of 330 Wh/kg (750 Wh/L energy density) in typical automotive cells, and deliver more than 1,000 charge-discharge cycles…. Read more »

Group14 Technologies and SK materials to build factory for lithium-silicon battery materials

Group14 Technologies has announced a joint venture with SK materials to build a factory for lithium-silicon battery materials in South Korea. SK materials will invest $52 million in the development of the materials manufacturing hub, which is expected to launch in 2022. Group14’s new JV will enable dual sourcing for its lithium-silicon technology both from… Read more »

Group14 launches factory to onshore domestic battery supply chain in the US

Group14 Technologies, a provider of silicon-carbon composite materials for lithium-ion markets, has launched its first commercial-scale US factory to meet the demand for lithium-silicon anode materials. The 27,000-square- foot facility, located at Group14 HQ in Woodinville, Washington, will house a new R&D center and corporate offices, and is the first of several planned commercial manufacturing… Read more »

Group14 secures funding to scale Li-ion battery production

Group14 Technologies, a global provider of silicon-carbon composite materials for lithium-ion markets, has secured $17 million in a Series B funding round led by SK materials, a manufacturer of special gases and industrial gases. Group14 will leverage this operating capital to scale production to meet the increasing demand for its flagship product, SCC55, which it… Read more »

How NanoGraf is commercializing the “world’s most energy-dense” 18650 battery cell with stable silicon oxide

Q&A with NanoGraf COO Connor Hund Graphite, a pure form of carbon, is a critical material for battery anodes. Graphite’s physical structure allows it to store lithium ions, which merrily migrate to the anode when the battery is charged. Unlike cathodes, which can be composed of various combinations of chemicals (cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium, iron,… Read more »