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EcoG partners with Switch EV, acquires Josev EV charging OS

EcoG, maker of an operating system that underpins a huge number of EV charging stations from many different manufacturers (see the feature article in our January-March 2024 issue), has acquired the EV charger operating system Josev as part of a new partnership with Josev creator Switch EV. Josev will be integrated into EcoG’s existing suite… Read more »

EcoG helps EVSE manufacturers streamline the process of bringing new products to market

Enabling the next phase of EV charging station manufacturing. We tech writers often refer to “ecosystems,” and biologists may shake their heads at our appropriation of the term, but the analogy is an apt one in many ways. A biological ecosystem has its charismatic megafauna (elephants, lions, whales), but it couldn’t function without its less-glamorous… Read more »

EcoG opens US headquarters in Detroit to develop EV charging hardware and software

German EV charging technology company EcoG has opened a US headquarters in Detroit, partly funded by a $1.5-million performance-based grant from the Michigan Business Development Program. The EV infrastructure company was founded in 2017 by Siemens alums Dr. Joerg Heuer, who is CEO, and Dr. Johannes Hund, who is CTO. It originated from the Techstars… Read more »

Dynexus uses pattern recognition to make a powerful battery health measurement technique even better

Measuring battery health and safety continuously is an important challenge—lithium-ion batteries can experience several challenges over their lifetimes such as unintended capacity loss, short circuits and thermal runaway. In 2011, Idaho National Laboratory researchers developed a new technology for measuring battery health and safety. By sending multiple waves of electrical current simultaneously through a battery,… Read more »

EcoG’s new Charging Reliability Index ranks performance of different EV manufacturers

Considering the volume of complaints about the EV charging process, it’s surprising that there’s so little hard data available about reliability. A few studies have ranked the reliability of various charging networks, but until now, as far as we know, no one has ranked the charging reliability of different EV models. Now EcoG, a developer… Read more »

EcoG and Infineon work to ensure compatibility of bidirectional chargers and EVs

Munich-based tech company EcoG has presented an ISO-compliant bidirectional charging solution which follows charging standards association CharIN’s guidelines. EcoG plans to unveil a pre-integrated reference design for bidirectional charging in addition to EcoG Charge Controllers. Together with partner Infineon, a power semiconductor manufacturer, EcoG is developing a starter kit with an integrated 22 kW converter… Read more »

Chargemaster’s new UltraCharger features Automatic Number Plate Recognition

British charging station manufacturer Chargemaster has revealed its new UltraCharger DC fast charger. EV owners can access the UltraCharger using an RFID card or a contactless debit or credit card. Another nifty feature is Automatic Number Plate Recognition – the unit can recognize a vehicle’s license plate number and automatically start charging. The 50 kW… Read more »

CharIN head says J3400 (Tesla NACS) and CCS charging standards will co-exist for many years

A year ago, as automakers, EVSE suppliers and pundits enthusiastically jumped on the Tesla NACS bandwagon, the Charging Interface Initiative North America (CharIN) was one of the few voices urging a little caution. CharIN’s mission is to facilitate the adoption of charging standards, so the organization is now deeply involved with testing interoperability for NACS… Read more »

Turntide Technologies launches low voltage inverter

US-based Turntide Technologies, which manufactures motors and other electrification systems, has launched the sixth version of its inverter, which features increased power density. The Whitehaven inverter can be used in electric two- or three-wheelers, small vehicles and motorcycles, as well as material handling and low-voltage electrification applications. Whitehaven offers an extensive motor library for simplified… Read more »