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Volvo Cars invests in Breathe Battery Technologies fast charging software

Volvo Cars has partnered with UK-based EV charging management software developer Breathe to become the first automaker to access the latest version of its Breathe Charge software, for use in its new generation of electric cars. Volvo will integrate the software with its own in-house-developed battery management platform to optimize performance and reduce charging times…. Read more »

Breathe Battery Technologies raises $2 million to scale its battery management software

London-based startup Breathe Battery Technologies has raised £1.5 million ($2 million) in a new funding round led by Speedinvest. Breathe will use the new capital to scale up and accelerate the deployment of its intelligent battery management algorithms. Launched in 2019 as a spin-out from Imperial College London’s Electrochemical Science & Engineering group, Breathe has… Read more »

The battery that breathes—Freudenberg’s pressure compensation system

EV batteries require pressure compensation both under normal operation and during emergency ventilation. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ DIAvent component combines these two functions into a single design, which will be used in the ABT e-Caddy and ABT e-Transporter, two Volkswagen vans that are popular in Europe and Mexico.  To reduce battery weight and size, ABT uses… Read more »

The Goldilocks Problem: Balancing Internal Forces Within An EV Battery Module Or Pack

Li-ion cells often have strong opinions about their clamping pressures, wanting neither too hard, nor too soft. It’s a classic “Goldilocks problem,” with a sweet spot that balances electrochemical performance, cell life, and mechanical retention. Goldilocks also changes her mind, often, as the cells breathe and swell through a lifetime of usage. When designing modules… Read more »

Thermal runaway in EV battery packs: designing a mitigation strategy

Aspen Aerogels’ cutting-edge materials protect against thermal runaway Thermal runaway occurs inside a battery cell through a fault, a crash scenario or some other defect that causes the cell to release thermal energy through chemical reactions. That thermal energy increases the temperature of the cell, the increased temperature drives faster kinetics, and more heat is… Read more »

State-of-the-art battery characterization: challenges and opportunities (Webinar)

Battery characterization is the foundation for the design and development of any battery energy storage system and is specifically important for inspection, validation, end-of-line testing, pack assembly, and BMS design purposes. In this free webinar, presented by Bitrode at our Spring Virtual Conference (April 17-20, 2023), we will introduce some of the industry standard protocols… Read more »

Dual traction inverter demo with NXP’s S32K39 MCUs (Webinar)

During this presentation at next week’s Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, you will discover how NXP’s S32K39 dual traction inverter demo works. The S32K39 has the ability to run two 3-phase SIC or GAN-based inverter motors with 200KHz control loops while being ASIL D compliant with NXP´s FS26 PMIC and GD3162 gate driver. Reserve your… Read more »

Proterra to power Taylor container handler and forklift

Commercial EV innovator Proterra (NASDAQ: PTRA) and heavy-duty equipment manufacturer Taylor Machine Works have announced a new partnership to power Taylor’s next-generation ZLC-series electric container handler and ZH-series electric forklift using Proterra’s battery technology. The two companies will collaborate on strategies to deliver charging and infrastructure solutions to help ports and other customers electrify their… Read more »

Tesla’s success is “a combination of thousands of heroic feats that no one knows about” (book excerpt)

A new excerpt from Tesla: How Elon Musk and Company Made Electric Cars Cool, and Remade the Automotive and Energy Industries, Edition 4.1. An inside look at the early days David Havasi was a car guy from birth. He grew up near Auburn Hills, and his dad worked in the auto industry. “My childhood was… Read more »