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Xos and Winnebago team up to develop electric specialty vehicle chassis

Los Angeles-headquartered Xos, a manufacturer of electric trucks and powertrain components, has partnered with RV maker Winnebago to develop a customized electric chassis for Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicles division. Winnebago Specialty Vehicles’ manufacturing operations are in Forest City, Iowa. It has been producing electric vehicles since 2018 for mobile commercial applications, for customers with accessibility challenges,… Read more »

Xos receives order for 12 of its SV electric stepvans

US electric truck manufacturer and fleet services provider Xos has received an order for 12 of its 22-foot SV stepvans from California-headquartered commercial laundry company Mission Linen Supply. The vehicles will be among the first of the longer 22-foot models to be delivered by Xos. They are suited to a variety of applications, including linen… Read more »

Electric truck maker Xos goes public in SPAC deal

Xos, a manufacturer of electric Class 5 to Class 8 commercial vehicles, has announced an agreement to go public through a merger with NextGen Acquisition (Nasdaq: NGAC). The combined company will trade on Nasdaq with the new ticker symbol XOS. The transaction values the combined company at a $2-billion pro forma equity value, and is… Read more »

Electric truck startup Xos raises $20 million in new funding

Commercial EV startup Xos Trucks, formerly known as Thor Trucks, has raised $20 million in new funding from a group of investors including Proeza Ventures and BUILD Capital Group. Xos will use the capital to scale up production of its X-Platform chassis. The company anticipates a surge in demand following CARB’s new zero-emissions mandate for… Read more »

TE Connectivity’s new connector plating reduces wear on battery terminals

TE Connectivity‘s all-new TENDUR surface plating technology is designed to provide advanced abrasion resistance that allows for consistent high-performance charging over the course of a battery’s lifetime. The technology reduces wear and tear on electrical terminals, which can lead to longer charging times. The newest high-powered charging stations can deliver DC power at currents of… Read more »

Tesla’s new Materials Applications Team will speed adoption of new materials

Record 0-60 times and useful features such as Fart Mode get most of the press, but behind all of the innovation is materials science. Tesla has long recognized the importance of new materials—in 2016 Elon Musk hired Charles Kuehmann, an expert on metal alloys to lead materials engineering at both Tesla and SpaceX. The most… Read more »

Everybody’s talking about Tesla’s Cybertruck

In show business, when you don’t like an act, but you don’t want to say anything negative, you say it’s “interesting.” Well, the word “interesting” is getting a lot of use today, after Tesla unveiled what is definitely its most radical-looking vehicle, and perhaps the most radical-looking production vehicle in automotive history. I think the… Read more »

Williams Advanced Engineering unveils lightweight EV platform concept

Williams Advanced Engineering unveiled a lightweight EV platform concept called the FW-EVX at the recent Low Carbon Vehicle Show in Millbrook, UK. The concept features several innovations in battery pack design, cooling systems and lightweight structures, all integrated into a single scalable platform. Williams’s engineers developed an automated, near-zero-waste process that creates fiber-reinforced suspension components… Read more »

Koch Brothers turn their wrath (and their wealth) on EV subsidies

The good news: EV sales are growing steadily. The bad news: They’ve now grown enough to attract the attention of Big Oil, which is planning a multi-million-dollar counterattack. Citing “refining industry sources,” the Huffington Post reports that a consortium of fossil fuel interests is making plans to form a new advocacy group that hopes to… Read more »