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Sakuu manufactures lithium metal cell using dry process

US solid-state battery specialist Sakuu has produced its lithium metal Cypress battery cell using a fully dry process. The company has now produced commercial-grade lithium-metal anode battery cells using both wet and dry electrode manufacturing. The batteries can run for 1,000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge (DoD) to 80% state of health (SOH), providing… Read more »

Sakuu’s lithium metal batteries hit milestone of 950 Wh per liter

Sakuu has developed a number of technologies for the commercial-scale production of solid-state and lithium metal batteries. Now the company says it has achieved several important milestones for its lithium metal battery tech. Samples of Sakuu’s licensable Li-metal Cypress battery cell chemistry, commercially available since May 2023, have been delivered to several customers in the… Read more »

Sakuu launches new Cypress Li-metal battery cell chemistry for manufacturing licensing

Solid-state battery pioneer Sakuu has launched a new Li-metal cell chemistry called Cypress. The new technology, which Sakuu says delivers safer batteries with high energy and power densities, is now available for manufacturing licensing. “Our proprietary lithium-metal battery chemistry delivers key cell performance and safety attributes that enable a new paradigm in battery manufacturing and… Read more »

Sakuu and Livent develop printable lithium formulation for 3D printed batteries

Solid-state battery pioneer Sakuu has announced promising results from its ongoing testing of a novel printable lithium formulation from Livent for use in Sakuu’s 3D printed batteries. Livent’s LIOVIX platform includes applications for pre-lithiation and lithium metal anode manufacturing. In February, Sakuu announced successful 3D printing of patterned cells that used Livent’s LIOVIX printable lithium… Read more »

Sakuu announces successful 3D printing of patterned batteries

Additive manufacturing and solid-state battery specialist Sakuu says it has successfully and consistently achieved 3D printing of fully functional batteries in custom shapes and sizes. The batteries were printed as patterned cells containing patterned openings for thermal management on Sakuu’s Silicon Valley battery pilot line—an important step in developing the company’s Kavian platform for the… Read more »

Porsche Consulting to design future Sakuú battery manufacturing plants

3D-printed solid-state battery manufacturer Sakuú has selected Porsche Consulting to design its planned global gigafactories. Sakuú expects the partnership to provide it with expertise for building gigafactories to meet its 2030 annual energy output goal of 200 GWh across its developing energy storage product line. Sakuú’s first plant design will accommodate roll-to-roll manufacturing for its… Read more »

Solid-state battery developer Sakuu opens battery printing and engineering facility in Silicon Valley

Sakuu, developer of a 3D-printed solid-state battery, has opened an engineering hub for its battery platform printing initiatives in Silicon Valley. The company concluded a $62-million funding round earlier this year, and recently opened a pilot production line, which is currently producing batteries for clients. Sakuu’s new 79,000-square-foot facility is expected to house 115 employees… Read more »

Sakuu develops the first battery in its new solid-state product line

Additive manufacturing specialist Sakuu has developed a lithium metal battery that achieved an energy density of 800 Wh/l in recent testing. The company says its battery achieves an energy density of 500-700 Wh/l, or greater. It demonstrates an energy retention rate of 97% after 200 cycles, and Sakuu expects it to reach an 80% retention… Read more »

Sakuú develops lithium metal solid-state battery

Additive manufacturing specialist Sakuú has developed a 3 Ah lithium metal solid-state battery (SSB) that it says equals or betters the performance of current lithium-ion batteries. Sakuú has been developing its first-generation SSB battery technology alongside its flagship additive manufacturing platform, which is set for commercial launch by the end of this year. Each battery… Read more »