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Microchip Technology releases new inductive position sensor for EV motor control

Microchip Technology has introduced a new inductive position sensor designed for EV motor control applications. It’s part of a product line of inductive position sensors offered by the company, and is available now. The LX34070 IC uses printed circuit board traces and includes differential outputs and fast sample rates. “Microchip expects its LX34070 IC to… Read more »

Microchip Technology and Mersen collaborate on 150 kVA SiC power stack reference design

Microchip Technology is collaborating with Mersen on a new 150 kVA 3-phase silicon carbide power stack reference design. Mersen’s current offering provides designers with a compact, high-power silicon carbide system without the need for individual device sourcing, testing and qualification. The reference design includes Microchip’s SiC power modules and digital gate drivers and Mersen’s busbar,… Read more »

Microchip Technology releases new 1,200-volt digital gate driver

Microchip Technology has developed a new 1,200 V digital gate driver, providing system developers with multiple levels of control and protection. The 2ASC-12A2HP AgileSwitch gate driver provides multiple levels of control and a higher level of protection for silicon carbide MOSFET-based power systems.  The company says its new gate drivers have the ability to dampen… Read more »

E-Fuse based on Microchip’s mSiC™ Technology

EVs with 400 V battery systems were introduced over a decade ago and now we are seeing the industry migrate toward 800 V systems primarily to support DC fast charging. With the increased voltage and lessons learned from 400 V systems, designers are now focused on enhancing the performance of high-voltage protection circuits along with… Read more »

Microchip introduces touch controllers for EV chargers

Microchip Technology, which provides connected and secure embedded control systems, has launched the MXT2952TD 2.0 range of secure touchscreen controllers for EV charger payment terminals. The maXTouch controllers are designed with embedded firmware to help EV charger designers protect their payment architectures by encrypting touch data and cryptographically authenticating software updates to minimize risk and… Read more »

Microchip’s new integrated motor drivers include controllers, gate drivers and communications in a single device

Microchip Technology has launched a new family of dsPIC digital signal controller-based integrated motor drivers. These devices incorporate a dsPIC33 digital signal controller (DSC), a three-phase MOSFET gate driver and optional LIN or CAN FD transceiver into one package. This integration is designed to reduce the component count of a motor control system design, and… Read more »

Microchip’s new plug-and-play mSiC gate driver works out of the box to reduce high-voltage design time

Microchip Technology has added a new offering to its line of silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor solutions. The new 3.3 kV XIFM plug-and-play mSiC gate driver uses the company’s patented Augmented Switching technology, and is designed to work out of the box with preconfigured module settings to reduce design and evaluation time. “The complex development work… Read more »

Microchip launches E-Fuse Demonstrator to protect power electronics in EVs

US IC manufacturer Microchip Technology has released a high-voltage circuit protection board for 400-800 V batteries with a current rating of up to 30 amps for hybrid and electric vehicles. Due to its high-voltage solid-state architecture and silicon carbide (SiC) technology, the six-variant E-Fuse Demonstrator Board can detect and interrupt fault currents in microseconds, which… Read more »

Microchip introduces hybrid power drive module for electric aviation applications 

US integrated circuit manufacturer Microchip Technology has announced its new comprehensive three-phase hybrid power drive module, which is the first of 12 variants in the company’s product line with either silicon carbide metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors or insulated-gate bipolar transistors.   Microchip says its new module helps meet the needs of electric aircraft designers who are looking… Read more »