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MAHLE and Midtronics partner to develop EV battery service equipment for independent workshops

German auto parts manufacturer MAHLE and US-based battery service company Midtronics will jointly develop service equipment. The goal is to provide holistic battery diagnostics and maintenance from a single source over the life cycle of batteries and vehicles. MAHLE says it brings to the partnership its expertise in refrigerant service, ADAS calibration, and battery and… Read more »

MAHLE equips climatic wind tunnel with DC fast charging system for testing EV batteries

German auto parts maker MAHLE has equipped its climatic wind tunnel in Stuttgart with a DC fast charging system, allowing engineers to charge EVs under all climatic conditions, including extreme heat, at up to 350 kilowatts of charging power. Fast charging, especially under conditions of high temperature and intense solar exposure, places a large heat… Read more »

MAHLE receives 1.4 million euros in e-compressor orders

German auto parts manufacturer MAHLE is increasingly becoming an e-mobility supplier. The company says its electric AC compressor is particularly sought-after thanks to its peak power of 18 kW, which makes it the most powerful e-compressor on the market at the moment. The company says it has already secured numerous series orders in the passenger… Read more »

MAHLE Powertrain to open EV test facility in Michigan

MAHLE Powertrain is planning to establish a new EV powertrain testing facility at its engineering center in Plymouth, Michigan. The company is investing $4 million in the facility, which is designed for testing, developing and calibrating two- and four-wheel drive platforms. “As well as full powertrain testing and calibration work, the facility will enable the… Read more »

MAHLE and Siemens cooperate to develop wireless charging

Technology group MAHLE and electronics giant Siemens have signed a declaration of intent to collaborate on wireless charging systems for EVs. The companies will jointly develop and test infrastructure and automotive engineering systems, and one of the areas of focus will be promoting standards for inductive charging technology. MAHLE has reinforced its wireless charging expertise… Read more »

MAHLE Powertrain completes two new testing facilities for EVs and FCEVs

MAHLE Powertrain has completed two new testing facilities designed for EVs and hydrogen vehicles in Northampton, England. MAHLE Powertrain has used £15 million ($17.7 million) in investments over a 5-year period to build the new facilities, which will provide engineering services to support its customers. Manufacturers can rely on the Vehicle Development Centre to test… Read more »

MAHLE introduces new electric motor for EVs

Automotive supplier MAHLE has introduced a new electric motor designed for electric passenger, commercial, construction and tractor vehicles. The company says it has “developed the most durable electric motor available.” The durability of the SCT E-motor, MAHLE says, is based on its integrated oil cooling system which also uses waste heat in the vehicle’s system…. Read more »

New MAHLE/Allotrope battery tech combines supercapacitors and lithium-carbon cells

MAHLE Powertrain and Allotrope Energy have unveiled a new battery technology for small EVs that combines supercapacitors with lithium-ion batteries in order to offer ultra-fast charging coupled with good power density. The two companies considered how an electric moped could be powered by an inexpensive, small-capacity battery that could be recharged between stops in as… Read more »

MAHLE’s new condenser keeps EV batteries cool during fast charging

MAHLE has introduced a new condenser for EVs that’s designed to ensure the battery is cooled during fast charging, protecting it from thermal damage. MAHLE’s new condenser also provides passenger compartment cooling capacity.  “Battery cooling is crucial for the performance of electric vehicles. In developing our new condenser, we were able to draw on our… Read more »