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Sion Power partners with Citrine Informatics to accelerate lithium metal EV battery development

Sion Power, a US-based battery developer, has entered into a multi-year agreement with Citrine Informatics to use the Citrine platform for artificial intelligence (AI)-guided product development. The partnership will focus on the digitalization of R&D and product development workflows for next-generation battery products. “The Citrine Platform allows us to accelerate our development of the next-generation… Read more »

Sakuu’s lithium metal batteries hit milestone of 950 Wh per liter

Sakuu has developed a number of technologies for the commercial-scale production of solid-state and lithium metal batteries. Now the company says it has achieved several important milestones for its lithium metal battery tech. Samples of Sakuu’s licensable Li-metal Cypress battery cell chemistry, commercially available since May 2023, have been delivered to several customers in the… Read more »

Li-Metal wins million-dollar grant from Ontario to scale up battery-grade lithium metal production

Li-Metal, a developer of lithium metal battery technologies, has been awarded some 1.4 million Canadian dollars ($1.05 million US) in grant funding from the Government of Ontario to develop and commercialize its lithium metal production technology. The funding consists of two separate grants: one from the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network and one from the Ontario… Read more »

Researchers achieve a breakthrough in the development of lithium metal batteries

A team of researchers working in collaboration with the Nagoya Institute of Technology has discovered a new mechanism to stabilize the lithium metal electrode and electrolyte in lithium metal batteries. The researchers say the new mechanism, which does not depend on the traditional kinetic approach, has the potential to enhance the energy density of batteries…. Read more »

Li-Metal nearing production of lithium metal anode material

Li-Metal, a developer of lithium metal anodes and other battery technologies, has released an operational update for its roll-to-roll anode pilot plant in Rochester, New York. Since its commissioning earlier this year, the facility has been ramping up production of its lithium metal anode sample materials using Li-Metal’s roll-to-roll physical vapor deposition (PVD) process. This… Read more »

Cuberg’s next-gen lithium metal cells show increased cycle life and specific energy

Battery company Cuberg has announced some results from Mobile Power Solutions’s independent testing of its lithium metal pouch cells. According to Cuberg, “Through continued development of its cell technology, Cuberg has achieved a near-doubling of cycle life of its cells alongside improvement in energy and power.” “Cuberg’s first generation of cell technology was validated by… Read more »

Sion Power’s experimental lithium metal cells deliver 2,500 cycles

Sion Power says one of its multilayer lithium metal pouch cells has performed for over 2,500 cycles, retaining 70% of its initial capacity. The cell was charged for 180 minutes at the C/3 rate and completely discharged in 45 minutes at the 4C/3 rate. The experimental cell is part of Sion Power’s Licerion product line…. Read more »

New Cryo-EM battery research tool produces image of SEI layer on lithium metal anode

Scientists from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have used cryogenic electron microscopy, or cryo-EM, to produce high-resolution images of the solid-electrolyte interphase (SEI) layer that forms on lithium metal anodes in an approach that may improve lithium metal battery design. The scientists developed a way of collecting the SEI… Read more »

Funding round delivers $16 million for Sepion’s lithium metal batteries

California battery developer Sepion has received $16 million from investors, including international chemical firm Solvay. Sepion plans to use the funds to speed up the commercialization of lithium metal batteries for EVs. Solvay offers additives for the electrolytes in Li-ion cells. Sepion’s niche is lithium metal battery cells, which Solvay says feature high energy density… Read more »

HIU researchers develop high-energy-density lithium metal cell with good stability

Researchers at the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) have developed a new lithium metal battery that they say offers an extremely high specific energy of 560 watt-hours per kilogram (Wh/kg) based on the total weight of the active materials. The team used a nickel-rich cathode that allows a large amount of energy to be stored, and… Read more »