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Daimler develops EV program for Stuttgart driving schools

The main factor holding back the electromobility revolution may be a simple lack of familiarity, and Daimler has come up with a brilliant idea to change that. The German automaker has partnered with the ACADEMY chain of driving schools for a pilot project that aims to make EVs an integral part of driver training. Starting… Read more »

Daimler invests €100 million to expand lithium-ion battery production

Daimler plans to invest around €100 million ($125 million) to expand production capacity for lithium-ion batteries at its Deutsche ACCUmotive subsidiary. A new building is under construction in Kamenz, Germany, and when it is completed in mid-2015, Deutsche ACCUmotive will have nearly 20,000 square meters of production and logistics space. “Deutsche ACCUmotive will be producing… Read more »

Daimler subsidiary Li-Tec to cease production of battery cells

Daimler subsidiary Li-Tec will stop producing Li-ion battery cells in December, closing the only German factory currently producing cells for EVs. “Our cells are very good, but at current production figures far too expensive,” Daimler Manager Harald Kröger told Der Spiegel. “We have realized that a car manufacturer does not have to produce the cells… Read more »

Daimler sells stake in Tesla for $780 million in cash

Daimler has reorganized its financial relationship with Tesla, selling its 4% stake in the California carmaker. The cooperation between the partners on the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive is unaffected. “We are extremely satisfied with the development of our investment in Tesla, but it is not necessary for our partnership and cooperation,” said Daimler Board Member… Read more »

Daimler/BYD’s DENZA EV enters production

DENZA, the “made in China, for China” EV from Daimler’s joint venture with Chinese automaker BYD, has started rolling off the production line in Shenzhen. The joint-venture company, BYD Daimler New Technology (BDNT), was established in 2010 with a 600-million-yuan ($98 million) initial investment. The DENZA is a four-door, five-passenger sedan with an 86 kW… Read more »

Daimler and BMW commit to common technology for wireless charging

Daimler and BMW have agreed to jointly develop and implement a common technology for wireless charging. The system consists of two components: a secondary coil integrated into the under tray of the car and a primary coil integrated into a floor plate that can be placed on a garage floor. Electrical energy is transmitted at… Read more »

Daimler switching battery suppliers again?

Does Daimler have a coherent electric-vehicle strategy? Its battery supply chain is literally all over the map, and this week’s announcement that the company may close a German battery plant that it was boasting about a month ago has the EV press puzzled. The first generation of Daimler’s smart fortwo electric drive, which is selling… Read more »

Tesla and Daimler: Is the honeymoon over?

The partnership between Tesla and Daimler, which dates from 2008, has been advantageous for both companies, with the stodgy Germans enjoying a little of Tesla’s bad-boy chic, and the Silicon Valley upstarts benefiting from Daimler’s old-world respectability. However, it’s sounding as if Daimler has lost that lovin’ feeling. Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche told reporters at… Read more »

Daimler acquires two key German battery firms

Daimler has agreed to acquire Evonik’s shares of Li-Tec Battery GmbH and Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH, making Daimler the sole owner of the two companies. In recent years, Daimler and Evonik have worked together to develop industrial series production of lithium-ion battery cells for EVs. The two companies produce the batteries used in the current model… Read more »

Pot Daimler calls kettle Tesla black re fast charging standards

It seems that not everyone is enchanted by Tesla’s plans to install 40 to 50 Supercharger stations in Germany by the end of 2014. Carmaker Daimler and parts supplier Robert Bosch recently criticized the American company for pursuing its own proprietary DC charging standard. “The future lies in standardization. As with gas stations, we need… Read more »