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What’s the point of BMW’s trivial Tesla-taunting ad spots?

If the major automakers really want to begin selling their EVs in volume (and not everyone is convinced that they do), sooner or later they will have to start advertising them. BMW has been ahead of the curve in this regard – it has run several TV ads for the i3 featuring cool people discovering… Read more »

BMW demonstrates stationary storage system using i3 battery

Stationary storage provides the missing link between EVs and renewable energy. Tesla made it trendy, but other automakers, including Nissan, GM and Toyota, have been exploring the technology for some time. Now BMW has announced a stationary storage solution that integrates its i3 vehicle battery. BMW’s new system, announced at the recent Electric Vehicle Symposium… Read more »

GKN eAxle enables AWD on new BMW PHEV

GKN Driveline’s latest electric axle drive (eAxle) technology offers the option of adding all-wheel drive to PHEVs. Production is now underway at the company’s factory in Italy. The first application is the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer PHEV. The eAxle’s single-speed design has a transmission ratio of 12.5:1. The system generates up to 2,000 N·m… Read more »

LAPD buys 100 BMW i3s, Greenlots to provide load-managed charging system

The Los Angeles Police Department has ordered 100 BMW i3s, and plans to add 500 more plug-in vehicles over the next five years. San Francisco- and Singapore-based Greenlots will supply 100 Level 2 chargers and four DC fast chargers, and integrate its software with LAPD’s fleet management program. Greenlots’ SKY technology will be used for… Read more »

BMW sells 4,500 EVs and PHEVs worldwide in April

Plug-in vehicles are a rapidly growing segment for BMW. The BMW Group reports that it sold 4,504 battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles around the world in April. This represents 2.5% of the company’s total vehicle sales. The top three markets for plug-ins were the US, Scandinavia and the UK. The i3 electric city car sold… Read more »

BMW’s X5 xDrive40e spearheads its plan to offer PHEVs in every market segment

BMW has taken a bold approach to electrification. It began test-marketing EVs in 2012 with the Active E and Mini E, and escalated to full-scale production in 2013 with the i3 EV and i8 plug-in super-sports car, which together passed the milestone of 50,000 worldwide sales in January. BMW deserves a lot of credit for… Read more »

Members of development team for BMW i3 and i8 defect to Chinese startup

The Wall Street Journal reports that three key executives from the BMW i EV team have left the Bavarian automaker to join Future Mobility Corp, a Chinese startup backed by Tencent Holdings. Carsten Breitfeld, a 20-year BMW veteran who developed the i8 plug-in sports car, left BMW last month to become CEO of Future Mobility…. Read more »

BMW 330e iPerformance plug-in hybrid arrives this summer

BMW is steadily introducing new electrified models. The latest is a plug-in version of its popular 3 Series sedan. The BMW 330e iPerformance uses various aspects of the company’s eDrive technology that were developed for the i3 and i8. The new e-Beemer sports a four-cylinder gas engine with 180 hp of power and 215 lb-ft… Read more »

New BMW Brilliance engine plant in China will eventually produce high-voltage batteries

BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA), the joint venture that produces BMW vehicles in China, has opened a new engine plant with a light metal foundry in Shenyang. The new BBA plant, which has a capacity of 300,000 engines per year, will supply the company’s Dadong and Tiexi automotive plants in Northeastern China. BMW said that, in… Read more »

BMW reportedly working on new i5 and i6 EVs

Industry observers already expect a new electric BMW, probably a small crossover EV called the i5, to appear sometime around late 2017. Now Automobile magazine has suggested that the 2018 model i5 will be followed by the i6, an electric sedan about the size of BMW’s best-selling 3 Series. Automobile says the i6 will be… Read more »