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Charged Jobs: Pure Watercraft is hiring Senior Electrical Engineer to design electric boats

The electromobility revolution will not stop at the water’s edge. Large commercial vessels such as ferries are already going electric in Scandinavia. Meanwhile, some European countries are banning gas-burning motors on environmentally sensitive lakes and rivers, creating a demand for small and medium-size electric outboards. One company hoping to lead the electrification of the world’s… Read more »

New Union of Concerned Scientists report: EV life-cycle emissions are half that of an average gas car

Diehard fossil-fuel fans are fond of speculating that EVs may be no cleaner than legacy ICE vehicles, once the emissions resulting from power generation and manufacturing are taken into account. In fact, study after study, including reports from the Union of Concerned Scientists (2012), the University of Minnesota, and Carnegie Mellon University, has shown that,… Read more »

Opinions of New Jersey Tesla ban cut across party lines: Gingrich criticizes Christie

Despite what you may hear on Fox News, which recently aired an anti-EV rant (the latest of many) that was riddled with misleading statements, by no means all conservatives are opposed to electric vehicles. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been taking flak from both left and right since his administration approved a new rule… Read more »

United Auto Workers union comes calling at Tesla factory

Tesla, the classic auto industry outsider, may soon be dealing with an issue that has defined Detroit for decades. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the United Auto Workers has set up an organizing committee at Tesla’s Fremont factory. UAW President Bob King also said in August that union representatives had met with CEO Elon… Read more »

European Union official says chargers are the chicken for the EV egg

European Union Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard has come out in strong support of a pending plan to deploy 795,000 charging points in the EU by 2020, the Copenhagen Post reported. The proposal must be approved by the European Parliament and all 27 member states before it goes into effect. “We can finally end the discussion… Read more »

Volvo issues EV battery passport 3 years ahead of EU requirements

Volvo Cars is launching what appears to be the world’s first EV battery passport for its flagship EX90 SUV, which is about to start production, the automaker told Reuters. A battery passport documents the origins of the raw materials and components used to manufacture an EV battery, as well as its recycled content and the… Read more »

Emerson’s Test and Measurement business unveils major updates to its software products

Emerson’s Test and Measurement business (formerly NI) has unveiled significant updates to its core software products, including NI LabVIEW. At a recent conference for customers and partners, Emerson showcased its newest advancements in NI hardware and software, which are designed to enhance the efficiency of engineers. “Our software-centric, modular hardware approach to testing is our… Read more »

NYC deploys 60 more electric buses, adds more charging infrastructure

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has introduced 60 new electric buses that will operate in routes in Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn. The MTA currently operates 15 electric buses on routes in Manhattan. It expects to start receiving its next order of 205 electric buses in late 2025, and is also negotiating an… Read more »