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onsemi releases new EliteSiC M3S devices portfolio for EVs

onsemi, which produces intelligent power and sensor technologies for automotive and industrial applications, has released its newest 1,200 V EliteSiC silicon carbide (SiC) M3S devices for EV power electronics. The expanded portfolio includes EliteSiC MOSFETs and modules with high switching speeds, enabling 800 V applications including EV on-board charging (OBC), solar inverters and energy storage… Read more »

Babcock to convert British Army vehicles to EVs for testing

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has awarded British aerospace, defense and nuclear engineering company Babcock International a one-year contract to assist the British Army in assessing the application of electric propulsion to its military vehicles through Project LURCHER. Babcock, in collaboration with British electric conversion company Electrogenic, will convert four military Land Rovers, two… Read more »

How ridesharing can help solve the challenge of urban EV ownership

Q&A with Revel COO Paul Suhey. New York-based Revel is riding two timely trends. Because rideshare vehicles log so many miles, electrifying them can deliver outsize emissions reductions—and drivers for the likes of Lyft and Uber will need strategically located urban charging hubs. Meanwhile, millions of drivers in dense cities like New York live in… Read more »

Improve EV charging ROI and customer experience by choosing the right fast chargers

Q&A with Tritium Chief Sales Officer David Nicholl. In any industry, savvy manufacturers know that success depends on more than just delivering hardware. The best companies work closely with their customers to help them choose the most cost-effective hardware for their specific needs. The EVSE industry is still young, and charger manufacturers and charge point… Read more »

WRI says converting school buses to electric drive can save money and reduce emissions

EV conversions are not generally thought of as a way to save money—in the passenger vehicle segment, they tend to be the province of affluent car-lovers. However, a recent report from the World Resources Institute tells us that repowering existing school buses with electric drivetrains could be a lower-cost and greener option compared to buying… Read more »

EDN to showcase new on-board battery chargers for off-highway applications 

Italy-based EDN, a producer of on-board battery chargers and power converters, will showcase its new on-board battery chargers (BHP19 for the US and BHP22 for Europe) for electric and plug-in hybrid applications in the off-highway sector at construction trade show CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas in March. EDN says its 19.2 kW BHP19 and 22 kW… Read more »

Kia EVs to use onsemi’s silicon carbide power module for traction inverters

onsemi has announced that its EliteSiC family of silicon carbide power modules has been selected for Kia’s EV6 GT model. onsemi says its power module enables high-efficiency power conversion from the DC 800 V of the battery to the AC drive for the rear axle. It also delivers package technology to minimize parasitics and thermal… Read more »

NXP introduces new series of microcontrollers for EV control applications

NXP Semiconductors has introduced its S32K39 series of automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) for EV control applications. The company says these MCUs include networking, security and functional safety capabilities beyond those of traditional automotive MCUs.  The S32K39 MCUs are designed for the intelligent and high-precision control of traction inverters that convert the EV battery’s DC power to… Read more »