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How to improve EV traction motor efficiency

A look at improving motor efficiency in two main categories: electrical and mechanical. Regular readers of Charged don’t need to be told that the typical EV drivetrain is way more efficient from battery to wheels than its ICE-based equivalent, but it is perhaps less well-known that the approximate drivetrain efficiency ranges from 75-90% for the… Read more »

DOE announces $15.5 billion in funding to support legacy automakers’ transition to EVs

The US DOE has announced a $15.5 billion package of funding and loans primarily focused on retooling existing factories for the transition to EVs. This includes $2 billion in grants and up to $10 billion in loans to support automotive manufacturing conversion projects, along with $3.5 billion in funding to expand domestic manufacturing of batteries,… Read more »

DOE funds 10 projects for lithium extraction from geothermal brines

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced funding of $10.9 million for 10 projects in 9 states, designed to advance innovative technologies for the extraction and conversion of battery-grade lithium derived from US geothermal brine sources. Two topic areas were chosen for the projects. The first, “Field Validation of Lithium Hydroxide Production from Geothermal… Read more »

Stellantis and Saft unveil EV battery modules with integrated inverter and charger

Greater integration of EV components can deliver increased cargo space, simplified manufacturing and lower costs. Now Stellantis and Saft engineers have unveiled a prototype of an EV battery pack that integrates the inverter and charger functions into the modules. The collaborative research project has produced the Intelligent Battery Integrated System (IBIS), in which the electronic… Read more »

Controlled Thermal Resources selects Aquatech for $1-billion Lithium Hydroxide Facility in California

US lithium-extraction company Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) has selected US lithium processor Aquatech to deliver the engineering and process plants for the conversion of lithium chloride intermediate product to battery-grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate at CTR’s Stage 1 Lithium Hydroxide Facility. Construction is expected to start in 2024 and production in 2025.   CTR says the new… Read more »

Tecman unveils anti-thermal propagation innovation

Tecman, a UK-based material engineering company, has devised a technology for high-volume continuous production of Framed Anti-Thermal Propagation (ATP) Pads. Tecman has developed a single continuous production process that enables it to manufacture Framed ATP Pads—an enhanced cell barrier technology that incorporates a built-in spacer to surround the insulation pad and help prevent thermal propagation…. Read more »

Powerfleet introduces Sustainability Data-Powered Application

US-based SaaS provider Powerfleet has expanded its Unity intelligence platform with the addition of the Sustainability Data-Powered Application, which is designed to advance ESG initiatives by helping fleets to minimize carbon footprint and material waste, improve maintenance and fuel efficiency, assist with government mandate compliance and lower operating costs. Powerfleet says the application is powered… Read more »

Infineon and Schweizer collaborate on silicon carbide-based power chip embedding

Infineon Technologies and Schweizer Electronic are working to embed Infineon’s 1,200 V CoolSiC silicon carbide-based chips directly onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). The two companies have embedded a 48 V MOSFET on the PCB, showing the potential of their new chip embedding approach. The performance increased by 35% and demonstrated power semiconductors can be incorporated… Read more »

LG Energy Solution invests AUD20 million in Green Technology Metals for lithium supply

LG Energy Solution and lithium exploration company Green Technology Metals (GT1) have signed an AUD20-million equity subscription agreement and an offtake term sheet,  giving LG access to future production from GT1’s flagship Seymour Project in North America. According to the offtake term sheet, GT1 will sell LG Energy Solution 25% of its spodumene concentrate production… Read more »